Zeldin Tears Kathy Hochul As Campaign Heats Up


Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1), the Republican Party and Conservative Party candidate for governor, is set the record straight after Kathy Hochul posted a quote tweet tonight using a selectively edited excerpt from a Zeldin TV interview:

“Kathy Hochul has served as county clerk, congresswoman, lieutenant governor and governor. The problem is not that she has never held positions of power. The problem is that it was a disaster. To save our state, Hochul’s new title will soon be “unemployment”.

“She was elevated to higher positions of power several times by capitalizing on the scandal around her and taking positions she found advantageous at the time, only to switch to the opposite position in the future. Hochul is in over his head, and a walking identity crisis, constantly pandering pathetically to the pro-criminal, tax and spendthrift liberals in his base.

“She claims she doesn’t have the data to cancel the cashless bail even though it’s right in front of her face. Meanwhile, Hochul claims she doesn’t need the data to remove the rights of the second amendment of law-abiding citizens, because she is power-hungry and knows the data doesn’t exist.

“Hochul unilaterally endorses self-proclaimed COVID emergency power extensions, even though the legislature never consented. She is selling access to her office and massive taxpayer-funded subsidies in paid exchanges for campaign contributions.

“She refuses to take a stand on issues like qualified immunity because her calculation is to play all sides. She refuses to retire Alvin Bragg as DA or defend Jose Alba because she lacks guts and gut strength. to do its duty to secure our streets.

“Hochul is doing a lot of damage to New York alone. Then, of course, her decision to target New York taxpayers with a $600 million payout to out-of-state Bills billionaire owners while her husband served as the company’s general counsel with the contract of salesman for Bills Stadium.

“Hochul must go!”


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