You Must See Nicole Scherzinger’s Hair Transformation


According to the hair world, a “transformation” could mean a lot, many things. Whether it’s getting a big bob bang after having long Rapunzel lengths for so many years, or even dying your blonde locks when they’re naturally brown. And let’s not even talk about extensions and wigs, because with these the possibilities are endless.

One person who has pretty much done it all is singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, TV personality, TikTok star (must I go on…), Nicole Scherzinger. The Pussycat Doll really knows how to make a bold statement. I mean, does anyone else remember her icy blue hair from Elsa? Yes, U.S. too.

Now, the star has taken to Instagram to share a spectacular “before and after” makeover, while performing her own Pussycat Dolls song, “Sway.” Iconic. Take a look at the video below:

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As we can all see, in the previous clip, Nicole is naked and without makeup. But then, with just a quick transition, she has a full beat with a very sophisticated bun. His glam team, made up of hairdressers Craig Marsden and makeup artist Emma Osbornewere on hand to help with the transformation.

For the hair, Craig brushed his locks into a tight bun and left two strands of hair framing the face in the front. For extra volume, Craig added soft, loose curls to the locks.

As for the makeup, Emma kept it very classic with a nude lip and shimmery eyeshadow that matched her dress perfectly.

In the comments, actor Vivica A. Fox summed up the look in two words, writing, “BEAUTIFUL QUEEN! 🔥🤑🔥.”

And what a beautiful queen she is. BRB, on my way to recreate my own Scherzy ‘Sway’ TikTok…

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