Woody Harrelson steps in to save bride from elaborate wedding hairstyle


A bride has captured viral attention after recounting how Woody Harrelson and other wedding guests had to come to her aid after her wedding day due to an elaborate hairstyle.

Singer Tiarlie, real name Charlotte Murdoch Freud, shared the video on Saturday which has since been viewed more than a million times.

In the video, bride Tiarlie advises, “Wear your hair loose and free on your wedding day or you will regret it.

In the 38-second clip, she shared how she spent the night after marrying new hubby DJ Lukey Storey with the help of guests including actor Woody Harrelson as they helped Tiarlie drop the style standout.

Tiarlie said Newsweek: “I went for a spacey half-up, half-down bun. There were so many pinned up extensions that to secure them, the stylist bent the pins in half with pliers to keep them from coming out.”

Singer Tiarlie captured viral attention this week after sharing the moment her wedding guests, including star actor Woody Harrelson, had to help her remove her elaborate bridal hairstyle.

But in hundreds of comments, TikTok users were a bit preoccupied with the video’s helpers rather than the hairstyle advice, with viewers quick to notice actor and family friend Woody Harrelson to the right of frame helping out with the hair break-up.

“There’s so much going on here it’s like a Renaissance painting,” said one commentator. While another wrote, “What is Woody Harrelson”, and another said, “So nice of Woody Harrelson to help you with your hair situation.”

In the video, Harrelson can be heard saying, “I want to break free,” shedding light on the hair debacle with a well-placed reference to Queen.

According to a 2020 study, the the average price for a bridal hairstyle is $110and Tiarlie said she was inspired to share her experience in case it helps other brides-to-be.

“I shared the footage because it’s advice I wish someone had given me,” she said. “There’s so much pressure to look perfect as a bride, but sometimes you have to choose comfort.”

After spending some time freeing the new bride from her big day hairstyle, impromptu hairstylist Harrelson and other guests appeared to be laughing as they tried to free the hair.

“What can’t Woody do?” joked one commenter: “He’s a hairdresser now?”

Another former bride shared her contrasting experience after the wedding day and joked, “I sat in the bath eating McDonald’s while my husband took my pins out of my hair.”

TikTok users rushed to offer her tips for future hairstyles and leave tips for others planning their wedding or event hairstyle.

A commentator and hairdresser said: “If customers ask [an] intricate way to tie their hair up for a wedding, I always make sure to explain how to take it all off afterwards,” while another wrote, “I had a big braid hairstyle at my wedding. I bought a seam ripper and my husband got it out in a minute.”

But despite the evidence of the uncomfortable consequences, Tiarlie says she wouldn’t want to change the hairstyle she chose: “The comments section of TikTok actually taught me a lot,” she explained: “I think I would do the exact same style but use a wig!”


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