Where to find Trunk-Or-Treat events in the Lansing area


Trunk-or-Treating is a great event for the Michiganders, especially since some of these events can be held indoors. Parents, schools, churches and many other local figures band together and pull out their trunk of Halloween candy and decorations.

Making candy or a spell inside is also something I wouldn’t have done as a kid, as it wasn’t as much fun as being outside.

However, here in Michigan you will still have to layer your costume, which will ruin the entire aesthetic of your costumes.

So where can you find a Trunk-or-Treating place near you here in the Lansing area?

We’ve compiled a list in order from today through the end of this month of places you can check out this fall for Trunk-or-Treating, below:

Where to find Trunk or Treat events here in the Grand Lansing area

We love a good trunk or treat event here in Michigan. However, where can you go out and find Trunk Or Treat even this year here in Lansing. We have the details for you.

Do you know of an event that didn’t make our list? Let us know.

Most of the time these events are free and open to the public, but some can cost as little as a few dollars which goes to good causes like fundraisers for dance studios, cheerleaders, bands.

Send us a message through our app or let us know on our social media where you are going Trunk-or-Treating this year in the region. We would love to help spread the word.

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