What Miona Bell Does For Work After 90 Day Fiance Season 9


Miona Bell revealed she had big dreams on 90 Day Fiancé, and it looks like she’s now living her best life with her new career in California.

Miona and Jibri Bell might struggle to make money 90 day fiance season 9, but Miona, originally from Serbia, seems to have established a career in the beauty industry since filming. Many viewers believe the season was filmed a year ago, which means Miona has had plenty of time to start a career in the United States and qualify for work. Controversial 90 day fiance Newcomer Miona has since revealed her career plans to her followers and shared what she’s been pursuing since filming the show.

Miona and Jibri were introduced on 90 day fiance as a young couple with big dreams; however, only Jibri focused on logistics. Miona came to the United States hoping to move to New York or Los Angeles and live a lavish life after her beach wedding. However, she ended up at Jibri’s house with her conservative parents in Rapid Springs, South Dakota. Miona immediately expressed her desire to leave, but Jibri reminded her that they currently had no money and needed time to save. However, Miona has shown little concern for financial issues. Amazingly, everything has since worked for her.


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Many 90 day financingSeason 9 viewers expressed surprise at Miona’s luxurious and seemingly unrealistic demands, even though she now has her dream life. Miona markets herself as a makeup artist from Palm Springs on social media. It seems the rumors are true and Miona and Jibri are married as they now have matching surnames on social media. Miona now appears cleared to work fully in the US while revealing she has her own beauty products under her second Instagram @mionabeauty. Miona launched the account in early July and has already shared that she has products available.

Miona said the 90 day fiance season 9 that she would like to have her own makeup palette, as she was working as a makeup artist in Serbia. Currently, she has her own set of makeup brushes and hair extensions. However, given her focus on cosmetics, it’s likely that Miona will soon be launching makeup products as well. The reality star has already amassed over 100,000 followers on Instagram since making it 90 day fiance beginning. Therefore, it is likely that his online presence as a micro-influencer will help him sell his products. Other 90 day fiance franchise cast members such as Yara Zaya and Tiffany Franco Smith have made similar career moves given their interest in the beauty industry.

While Miona is interested in the beauty industry and Jibri focuses on music, the 90 day fiance The Season 9 couple also showed interest in being influencers. Miona and Jibri love showing off their stylish outfits for their social media content; however, they were called upon to be influence hunters. Nonetheless, they seem to be ignoring their critics and basking in their newfound reality TV attention. Although the couple plans to share more content online, 90 day fiance fans would love to see them return for more franchise shows despite their boring storyline and controversial Miona blackfishing scandal.

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