Warriors owner Joe Lacob fined for comments on league’s ‘unfair’ luxury tax system


“Checkbook Wins” was a hot topic of debate during the Golden State Warriors championship game last season. Apparently, the saga continues as Warriors owner Joe Lacob was fined $500,000 for comments he made regarding the NBA’s luxury tax rules according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The comments were made during Lacob’s recent appearance on the Podcast pointing forward hosted by Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner. In the interview, Lacob expresses his dismay at the league’s luxury tax rules as he argues the Warriors shouldn’t be punished for building what he calls a “home team.” Unfortunately, the NBA prohibits owners from publicly expressing such opinions, which resulted in a hefty fine. Here are Lacob’s comments:

To put Golden State’s tax situation into context, the team paid $170 million in luxury tax during the 2021-22 season according to Spotrac.com. The Warriors led the league by a wide margin as the next closest luxury tax team was the brooklyn nets with a bill of 97 million dollars.

The high taxes levied on the Warriors played a role in the team’s approach to the offseason, as they opted to build their roster with their cheaper talent achieved through the draft. While this approach may minimize the effects for now, the team’s fiscal situation will become an even bigger issue in future seasons with extensions to players such as Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins looming in the background. .

For now, the multi-billionaire owner of Dub Nation will have to take that $500,000 fine on the chin. At the very least, Iguodala made sure to apologize to Lacob during Wednesday night’s ESPY awards show.


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