Vought lie and many die


A year and a half after being teased for the first time, The boys Season 3, Episode 6 “Herogasm” is finally here. From a six-volume series in the original comics by Garth Ennis and darick robertson, in which the supes retreat to a private island to engage in all sorts of wild and zany drug-induced sex acts, the TV adaptation manages to smoothly weave this concept into its plot. In fact, the overpowered sex party is just one aspect of arguably the most pivotal episode of the series so far.

The episode opens with a statement regarding borderline porn scenes to follow, assuring the viewer that “…all consensual relationships depicted, whether human, animal, superhero or otherwise, are not real. , don’t hurt anyone and actually cost a hilarious amount of special effects.After Soldier Boy’s recent “attack” (Jensen Ackles) in New York, The Deep channels Gal Gadot in a reconstruction almost beat for beat of the infamous video of celebrities singing “Imagine” at the start of the pandemic. Complete with a parody of Sarah Silvermanattempts at post-line vocal trills Elizabeth Banks, the sequence plays as an alternate universe version of the original. The clip also features Patton Oswalt, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Kumail Nanjiani, Salma Hayek, Aisha Tyler, Josh Gadand of course A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) and Black Black (Nathan Mitchell).

Hugh (Jack Quaid) and Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) settle in with Soldier Boy at a motel and grab him some of his favorites from a bygone era: burgers and Bennies, the latter who, according to Soldier Boy, helped the allies win D-Day. Hughie and Butcher make their coveted deal with Soldier Boy: they will help him get revenge on his old Payback team if he helps them defeat Homelander . Soldier Boy reveals to Hughie that for reasons unknown to him, he passed out in the city and was unaware of the explosion. Butcher and Hughie prep with injections of Temp-V, and the three pave the way for the next sups on Soldier Boy’s list of hits: the TNT Twins (Kristine Booth and Jack Doolan).

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The abyss (Chace Crawford), Homeland (Antoine Starr) and Ashley (Colby Minified) investigate CCTV at the site of the last explosion: Crimson Countess (Laurie Holden)’ “Chimp Country” complex. They see Soldier Boy emerge from the explosion and immediately go into crisis management mode. Homelander realizes that if the audience hears of Soldier Boy’s return, then “the business is screwed. I’m fucked” and turns into a mini-breakdown, complete with a replay of the accompanying high-pitched sine wave effect. his previous endings. This sound effect can be seen as an audible representation of the narrow fabric of Homelander’s reality unfolding before his eyes. He embarks on his plan to kill Soldier Boy and clear all images of the chest-exploding supe .

Then, in the hallway, Homelander tells Black Noir that he’s “the only one he can rely on”, followed by Black Noir walking into an elevator and cutting out his tracking chip to avoid being detected by Soldier Boy, because Black was part of Soldier. The original Boy Payback team. Homelander then conspires with The Deep to intercept Soldier Boy at the Twins’ home in Vermont. Before that, he retires to his suite and has a head-to-head conversation with himself in the mirror. It seems his superhero self and human self are beginning to drift apart, with each brief mental breakdown further accelerating this process and tearing apart Homelander’s grandiose perception of himself. This conversation confirms it, with the confident psycho Homelander in the mirror consoling the weak, “human” on the other side. Supe Homelander tells the overwhelmed and dispirited human Homelander that there’s still a “dirty, shriveled, anemic little part of you that still meows for approval and love, and a mom and dad. We gotta cut that part out.” of you like a cancer. Then you can be who you were always meant to be. Pure. Clean. Like marble.

Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) repeatedly tries to get in touch with Frenchie (Tom Capone), who does not answer his texts. She is then assaulted and kidnapped by one of the Nina (Katia Winter), who takes her to a warehouse where she has tied up Frenchie and Cherie (Jordana Lajoie). After Nina tells the alleged stories behind all of Frenchie’s scars, she offers Frenchie an ultimatum: kill Kimiko or Cherie. At the last second, Kimiko breaks free from her chains and launches a full-scale assault on Nina’s henchmen. Although she no longer has her powers, she is still plagued by a violent and all-consuming rage. She concludes that it wasn’t the powers that made her a monster, but rather that she was a monster on the inside all along. Frenchie dismisses this and highlights the crux of their story: no matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to escape their past.

Stars light (Erin Moriarty) and breast milk (Laz Alonso) team up to stop Butcher, Hughie and Soldier Boy. During the car ride, MM reveals to Starlight the full sequence of events surrounding Soldier Boy’s death of his family: MM saw Soldier Boy outside in the middle of the night and woke up his grandfather to show him. Soldier Boy was accosting a group of kids trying to steal a car and ended up throwing the car into MM’s apartment building, killing his grandfather. MM attributes his OCD tendencies to this event, as he feels he put his grandfather in the crosshairs by waking him up. ” I don’t understand. All I know is that if I didn’t check the burners three times a night, Soldier Boy would come back and kill us all.

The two arrive at the twins’ house before the rest of the boys and are greeted at the door by the returning Love Sausage (Derek John), who informs them that it’s “Herogasm’s” 70th anniversary. Upon entering the house, the two are greeted by the wild sights and sounds of the first supe orgy. It’s a dense scene filled with easter eggs featuring flying dildos, glow-in-the-dark BDSM, mind-blowing cunnilingus, and some creative uses of ice and fire. The scene also sees the return of Termite (Brett Geddes). MM reaches his limit when he opens a door just in time to enter the splash zone. Starlight roams the party, trying to get people out in anticipation of another outburst from Soldier Boy, and begs Blue Hawk (Nick Weschler) to help her, but he fires her. She then finds The Deep getting sucked off by an octopus. Starlight blackmails him by taking a picture and threatening to send it to Homelander, which eventually prompts Deep to inform Starlight that Homelander is on his way.

Butcher, Hughie, and Soldier Boy also arrive on the scene, to which Hughie uses his teleportation powers to enter the twins’ house. Deleted and naked, he meets A-Train at the party and uses his recent surge of confidence to confront A-Train about Robin’s murder (Jess Salgueiro), asking A-Train to apologize. After his brother is crippled by Blue Hawk, A-Train displays what might just be a budding shred of sympathy, admitting that “it’s fucked up, seeing someone you love get hurt like that.” Hughie uses his temporary supe status to hit A-Train, who connects in big time – and A-Train is left baffled by the injury.

Starlight confronts Hughie and tells him that Homelander is on his way home, but Hughie teleports them both a short distance away, and they continue to argue over their dynamic, which has broken down in recent episodes. Hughie once again tells Starlight that he “just wants to save her”, to which Starlight reiterates that she doesn’t need to be saved. Meanwhile, MM has an encounter with Soldier Boy in the basement where he tries his Russian-inspired Halothane Bomb solution, but it doesn’t affect Soldier Boy. MM suppresses his rage, ready to unleash the years of trauma on the irreverent supe, but Butcher calls out Soldier Boy, who continues to stalk the Twins. As he confronts the TNT duo, a radio in the room happens to be playing “Escape” by Mikhail Shufutinskiy. Soldier Boy’s core ignites and lets out an explosion, marking a bloody and premature end to Herogasm. Amid the rubble and chaos, A-Train grabs Blue Hawk by the neck and swears revenge for his violent assault on the community center. He accelerates to full speed while dragging Blue Hawk’s half-naked body down the road. A-Train then stops and clutches his heart as he collapses next to Blue Hawk’s mutilated body.

Right after the (possible) death of Blue Hawk and A-Train, The boys offers an end to the Termite saga. As Homelander arrives on the scene, Termite is seen in his tiny form, pleading for help. Homelander happens to crush the bug as he passes in order to confront Butcher and Soldier Boy, and the three engage in an upsetting brawl that sees Butcher finally level with his nemesis. There’s a moment that reveals Butcher with his most maniacal smile in the series, representing the absolute culmination of his efforts thus far, and this shot conveys all of his perceived pain, struggle, and sacrifice thus far. Hughie also jumps into the ring and the two hold Homelander down as Soldier Boy speeds up for another blast to end the fight. However, at the last second, Homelander escapes.

Amid the destruction, Starlight gives MM her phone and asks her to record a live message to her millions of followers, ignoring her warning that it might be a bad idea. Via her streaming show, she shines a spotlight on the day’s carnage, but then explains that Soldier Boy is behind the explosions after all and that Homelander and Vought lied to the public about the whole thing. Before signing, she announces that she is giving up her title and announces her decision to leave the Seven.


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