Tried Aldi’s £3.49 Olaplex dupes and here’s my VERY honest review


ALDI has launched a new four-piece hair care range and buyers believe it is similar to the big brand Olaplex.

Aisling Fitzgerald, who posts on TikTok as @dramaticmac, shared a video reviewing hair products.


Aisling Fitzgerald has spoken about Aldi’s dupesCredit:

She said: “When this all came out last week I rushed out and bought two bottles of everything.

“Because I was like, if I like it, it’s gonna be a Holy Grail product, I want to have backups.”

New Aldi Olaplex Dupes include Bonded Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as Bonded Hair Pre-Wash Treatment and Bonded Dry Shampoo in the collection.

Aisling said: “I would never review hair products unless I’ve been using them for less than a month.

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“I generally think that by trying all of these products for a month you should be able to get a good gauge and so I wasn’t going to film that until the next month.

“But I don’t need a month to tell you what I think of these products.”

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Aldi Bonded hair products start from £3.49.

Aishling said: “Obviously the packaging looks a lot like Olaplex.

“I think that’s how you all were, wondering if the product was similar to Olaplex?

“No, absolutely no way on earth are these dupes for Olaplex.”

The new Bonded collection aims to hydrate strands, repair broken and damaged hair and deeply cleanse it.

She said, “First of all, the ingredients aren’t great.”

She filmed her review days after using the products.


Aisling continued: “The first thing I used was the pre-wash and I put it in damp hair.

“And it creaked when it went through my hair. I don’t know if you know what I’m talking about.

“And not in a good way, not like squeaky clean.”

The beauty lover said the product was “sticky” as if it “dragged” her hair.

She added, “And I didn’t feel like it did anything to my hair.”


Aisling generally uses Alfaparf and Kerastyle products.

She said: “I felt like the formula had a good consistency, it was thick.

“I felt like a little bit of that had gone a long way, which I really liked seeing because that’s what I’ve experienced with most of my high-end shampoos.”

But Aisling feels the shampoo did nothing for her hair.

She said: ‘You need the smallest amount, hence why they last so long.

“But again, when I washed this out of my hair, I felt like it was really clingy and I didn’t like the way my hair felt afterwards.

“I felt like it was like a bird’s nest – really, really dry.

“Absolutely no moisture or hydration at all in my hair.”

And she said it left her hair feeling like it was “all carpeted.”

Aisling continued, “I have keratin extensions.

“I’ve had these for 10 years so I know which shampoos and conditioners I enjoy and this was definitely not for me.”


The conditioner includes avocado and argan oil, which provide nourishing oils to hydrate dry hair.

Aisling said: “Same complaint with the conditioner, my hair felt really good afterwards, but when I applied it to my hair I felt like I needed a lot more of this product than I would normally with my premium conditioners.”

The TikToker said her hair remained dry and like “straw” after blow-drying.

She said: “After blow-drying my hair after using these products, my hair felt like straw hay with no moisture whatsoever.

“Unfortunately, these get a huge boost for me.”

And the beauty lover explained that she would be returning any additional products she purchased.

Aisling added: “I hate to give a bad review, but I have to be honest.”

Subscribers thanked her for her honesty.

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One person said, “Lifesaver, thanks for the review.”

Another added: “I read another review about all the dupe ingredients and out there using really bad ingredients. You pay for what you get.

The beauty lover said the product was


The beauty lover said the product was ‘sticky’ as if it was ‘dragging’ her hairCredit:

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