Transform your hot dog with the inspiration of a Banh Mi


Combining a hot dog and a bánh mì is quite simple. Instead of using the usual protein bánh mì like marinated chicken, pork or tofu, substitute them with hot dogs. When it comes to preparing hot dogs, there are many cooking methods. They range from boiling to roasting, according to Food52. But according to Vietnam Is Awesome, a bánh mì sandwich usually uses grilled meats. Charcuterie and pulled meats are popular additions, but this fusion sandwich pays more homage to bánh mìs with grilled or pan-fried hot dog meat.

Now for the bread. Ditch the hot dog bun and opt for a perfect baguette. Dine and Fash recommends toasting a small baguette for a crispy, crunchy texture, which will help offset the tender hot dog meat. The source also highlights the importance of making the baguette thinner by “removing some of the bread from the middle.” If there’s too much bread, the fillings won’t fit snugly inside the bread and you might end up with a spilled mess instead of a real sandwich.

Combining a hot dog and a bánh mì sandwich couldn’t be easier. The traditional bánh mì fillings remain the same. Just change up the meat and bread to give a unique twist to a gourmet sandwich.


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