Three hairstylist-backed tricks to get the look


Just like most other beauty trends, it seems the key to rocking hair extensions is simple: wear them with pride.

Once considered taboo, the narrative surrounding hair extensions has changed dramatically in the age of social media. For years, popularizers love celebrity hairdressers Takisha Sturdivant-Drew have often had to work in secret, keeping their large-scale projects confidential.

“I’m like, ‘Don’t you want people to know the truth, especially young people who look up to you?'” Sturdivant-Drew recalls. Seduce. “It’s better to be honest.”

Enter Instagram. More recently, stars have taken on extensions more candidly, even tagging their popularizer in their Instagram posts.

“It’s their way of saying, it’s really not me, I borrowed that hair,” the stylist explained, likening the honesty to “playing dress up.”

With stars proudly and publicly wearing extensions, they’ve apparently evolved from a celebrity hair secret into a unique way to add volume to hair and experiment with new looks – as Priscilla Valles said, celebrity popularizer.

“The more we normalize extensions as additional hair accessories, or as a way to color hair, the better it is for everyone,” she later noted in the same post. “So many women are insecure about their hair. A lot of people known to have the ‘best’ hair really have their heads full of extensions.”


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