The first ghost kitchen tenants at CloudKitchens on Carnegie will open this week or next


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  • Adam beebe
  • CloudKitchens on Carnegie is slated to launch this week or next.

In August, we shared the news from CloudKitchens, the ghost kitchen complex taking shape in the old Audio Craft building in MidTown. Operated by co-founder and former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, the space (3915 Carnegie Ave.) features 29 commendable kitchens ranging in size from 210 to 280 square feet.

In the first class of tenants is Adam Beebe, who, along with his partner Logan Addleman, will launch Bottom Dog Collective. Beebe says he and a handful of other operators (including Open Pitt BBQ) are only waiting for final city approval before they open their doors, hopefully this week or next.

Shortly after opening, Cleveland’s CloudKitchens will offer food from around 16 different businesses, which are run by local operators like Beebe and larger national brands. This number should increase to 29, when all the spaces have been leased. Food will be available for pickup at the Carnegie location or through any combination of third party delivery partners.

Beebe and Addleman have been chasing this dream for about four years, selling their food in pop-ups and at catering gigs. In doing so, they have worked in places like Hi and Dry, Laurentia Winery and the Shoreby Club. They were about to sign at the old Ohio City Galley when that place closed.

“We’ve been trying to find an opportunity for a ghost kitchen or some kind of food hall for a while,” says Beebe. “We were really excited when we saw this opportunity. ”

Bottom Dog Collective will operate from a 265 square foot kitchen that includes a small walk-in cooler, sinks, and a range hood. They added other equipment like an oven, deep fryers and prep tables. The offer also includes shared dry storage space, cold rooms and freezers.

Ultimately, Bottom Dog Collective will offer three distinct restaurant concepts from the same kitchen. Initially, the owners will launch their original Fusion Grill concept featuring items like fried cauliflower, a Cuban dip served with house juice, an Aloha burger with pineapple relish, and a hot Po ‘Boy chicken. Once they take matters into their own hands, they’ll roll out Gabaghouls, an Italian concept, and Clove, a plant-based menu.

Beebe says the likely delivery area for him and his neighbors in the building will stretch west to downtown and Lakewood and east to University Circle (including the clinic). Since these delivery areas are determined by travel time, not distance, the neighboring communities of Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights are likely to be found off the beach.

As with traditional restaurants, management keeps more money from pickup than delivery, so this method is always preferred. Customers will be able to access all menus from a group web portal or by navigating directly to their preferred vendor. In addition to pre-ordering for quick pickup, customers can walk into the lobby and place an order at a kiosk.

Beebe says he and Addleman signed a six-month lease (other options include month-to-month, 12-month, and 18-month agreements), by which time they will assess Bottom Dog’s performance and see where they stand. are. Along the way, they will benefit from the advice offered by management regarding product performance and pricing.

“[CloudKitchens] have definitely taken a lot of the weight off our shoulders, and they’ve been successful in other cities, so having them as a resource to talk to is going to be phenomenal, ”Beebe says.


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