The 12 best beauty products for August are launched by our editors


In a way, it’s almost Labor Day, which means fall is so close. It also means it’s time to get your beauty routine ready for – chills – colder weather. Luckily for anyone applying product to their skin and hair, August’s top beauty launches have graced the shelves with a few goodies that just might fit the bill.

Over the past month, fan-favorite brands (think Ouai and Anastasia Beverly Hills), as well as newly launched skincare lines (looking at you, Rose Inc.), have released some highly coveted beauty essences. – essences that Bustle’s editing team has been slipping and applying and slathering on our skin tones. Those with the best cut of the month include a creamy moisturizer concealer, leave-in conditioner enriched with cult scent, gentle retinol serum, acne body spray and other transformative gems.

Ready to rework your beauty cabinet? Keep scrolling to buy the 12 top-ranked beauty product launches from Bustle publishers in August.

We only include products that have been independently selected by the Bustle editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of the sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

The best beauty product launches for August

A concealer that boosts the skin

“Anastasia Beverly Hills very first concealer is really the answer to all my prayers. I’m usually more of a stick type girl, but this liquid formula – which includes healthy ingredients like licorice root, glycerine, and Sunflower Seed Oil – provides moisturizing coverage that literally melts into my skin and most importantly stays in place. I have received so many compliments on how beautiful my complexion is when I wear this (they don’t know that). If I only used this concealer and my trusty Beauty Blender for the rest of my life, I would be a happy camper. – Hilary Shepherd, beauty writer

A gentle retinol for sensitive skin

“The last time I tried retinol I misused it and then got a scaly rash. retinol serum by Kiehl’s landed in my hands, I was worried about my appearance. Fortunately, this product is inspired by micro-dosing, which, hush, I’m a fan of, which means it contains a gentle enough amount of vitamin A derivative that it doesn’t damage my skin. Like other Kiehl’s products I’ve tried, it’s both soft and luxurious, and in a matter of days, made my skin look brighter, firmer, and less dry. – Hilary Shepherd, beauty writer

A multitasking lip cheek

“I always try (keyword: ‘trying’) to emulate Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s perfectly minimal beauty aesthetic, so when I heard the English model was launching her own skin care line and cosmetics, I knew the products would be perfect. my alley. Fortunately, I got the truth about Huntington-Whiteley’s Rose Inc. herself, and the lip-slash-cheek color is apparently one of her favorites. I can confirm it’s good: moisturizing, creamy, and blendable. I particularly like Azalea, a warm berry shade, and I am not I’m just saying that because it’s also his favorite. – Hilary Shepherd, beauty writer

A no-rinse that also serves as a perfume

“I can’t say enough good things about this leave-in conditioner. Thanks to ingredients like vitamin E and tamarind seed extract, it keeps my hair hydrated and super soft while protecting it from the heat every time I dry my hair. It’s lightweight and absorbs easily into my long, thick locks and as a bonus Ghost of Mojave (which is a warm scent made from cedarwood, amber, and sandalwood) is one of my favorites from Byredo. – Audrey Noble, beauty writer

Eyelash curling mascara

“I was fortunate enough to have long lashes, but damned by their inability to hold a curl – they just stick out… until I tried this mascara. It has an hourglass shaped brush to give my lashes significant volume and definition, and it’s made with jojoba wax to help them maintain that intense curl all day long. This is the best thing for IMO eyelash extensions (and a smoother, more wallet-friendly option). – Audrey Noble, beauty writer

An iridescent highlighter

“This new highlighter fills my nostalgic needs and gives me some serious 70s disco vibes. It’s a buildable liquid formula that blends seamlessly into skin to give you a truly gorgeous shimmer, perfect for a night out or even if you want to. just dance in your apartment listening to Diana Ross on repeat. – Audrey Noble, beauty writer

A cleansing mist for the body

“I didn’t know it until I tried it, but this product is a product I’ve always needed. Sweating flares are the bane of my post-workout and summer existence, and it has visibly helped prevent them – a skin problem I previously thought was inevitable. I keep this in my bag on gym days and beach days and spray liberally, and the pimples have not returned. “- Tamim Alnuweiri, beauty and wellness writer

An oil-gloss hybrid for the lips

“I have loved Shade Slick since the moment I tried it. This month, Merit has expanded the product line with new shades, the most important of which is clear. I love the moisturizing, oily, non-sticky texture, but I don’t always need pigment so this has finally answered my prayers for hydrated lips. – Tamim Alnuweiri, beauty and wellness writer

Soft towels like a cloud

“I’m not a big fan of washcloths – most of the time I dry my skin with the hem of my shirt. Jenny Patinkin’s urgent care rags, however, changed my routine. These towels are incredibly soft and gentle on my skin: they’re sewn in a way that separates the front and back layers, which minimizes the irritating friction I typically associate with washcloths. – Tamim Alnuweiri, beauty and wellness writer

An ultra flattering lipstick

“The hype behind Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks is real, and it continues with the latest launch of the ‘Supernudes’ brand, aka flattering neutrals which, while matte, don’t dry out lips. I love the new shades so much that I wear them, whether it’s just for a Zoom meeting or for a night out. – Rachel Lapidos, senior lifestyle and beauty editor

An anti-redness serum

“I think more people should take niacinamide on its wide array of skin-boosting feats. This new serum from Keys Soulcare uses the antioxidant as its main event, along with the snow fungus, an ultra-hydrating ingredient that leaves my skin feeling soft, even and less inflamed. – Rachel Lapidos, senior lifestyle and beauty editor

A luxury beauty sleep kit

“Natureofthings and Brock Collection are literally the dream team, and this bedtime accessory set has been an amazing addition to my evening skincare routine. It comes with an eye mask and headband, as well as an overnight face mask with aloe vera and glow boosting vitamin C. What about the mini pillow? It’s filled with rose petals and lavender, so I get a relaxing puff every now and then while I doze off. – Erin Stovall, Senior Beauty Editor

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