Teen mum Jenelle Evans’ hair is falling out in shocking video as fans believe they caught the star in a ‘lie’


TEEN Mom fans are in shock after Jenelle Evans shared a video of herself dyeing her hair which they say revealed a major secret.

The former MTV star recently dyed her hair from brown to bright red, saving it for a TikTok video.


Jenelle Evans is once again accused of having hair extensionsCredit: Instagram/@j_evans1219
The reality star shared a shocking video in which her hair appeared to be falling out


The reality star shared a shocking video in which her hair appeared to be falling out1 credit

Over the weekend, Jenelle took to ICT Tac to share a long video of herself trying out a new hair color product.

In the three-minute clip, she showed herself covering her hair in red dye with a bag of groceries, as well as the process of drying her hair afterwards.

Fans noted a subtle but odd detail in the clip, which they believe revealed a big “lie” by Jenelle.

While covering her locks in dye, much of the ex-Teen Mom star’s hair seemed to fall into her hand.

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Commenters called her out, with one writing: “ALL OF THIS FAKE HAIR IS RIDICULOUS.”

Another asked, “Your hair is so long! Is this all real or do you have extensions?”

Other fans have made similar claims but haven’t received a response from the star.

Jenelle has previously denied having extensions, but fans weren’t buying it at the time and are still unconvinced.

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Earlier this year, Jenelle shared a vlog titled “Birthday Girl” on YouTube to celebrate her daughter Ensley’s special day.

In the video, Jenelle was seen making coffee which she then drank in her bathroom while David Eason was “naked.”

The MTV star then tugged at her locks of hair and remarked, “You’ll see how much gray hair I have? It’s because of these fucking kids stressing me out.”

She then did her hair and makeup off-camera, returning to share with her followers, “Now I’ve prepped my makeup, my hair – I’m so beautiful I think.”

While some fans noticed Jenelle’s messy closet in the vlog, a few focused on her hair, accusing her of wearing a wig or “topper.”

Fans took a Reddit thread titled “Is it a wig or is it a wig?” to weigh.

“Damn. Good catch,” one Reddit user wrote under the thread.

“Y’all, that’s a topper,” rang out in a second. They clarified: “There are usually clips that you attach an inch or two behind the hairline.

I can tell because of the texture of her organic hair and the hair on top. It’s different. His hair is fine, not so coarse.

I am a wig aficionado and used to wear toppers/extensions when I had hair. It’s easy to spot.”

“Seems like a top to me, same as Chelsea [DeBoer] door!” wrote another stern reviewer, linking to their so-called proof.

“She wears clip-in extensions. That’s why her scalp thins out in the front and looks thicker in the back because she places the clips further back.”

Another user said: “I don’t think it’s a wig, but her hair looks so mean to me, like long and stringy…idk, I hate it. I think it should be shoulder length.. and dark “

Jenelle has been hit with expansion rumors before.


In 2020, she was targeted by trolls after showing off her long black hair in two snaps posted on Instagram.

One of her followers claimed, “You can see the hair extensions in front of your hair – badly up! I’m just saying.”

Jenelle immediately clapped, “I really don’t think that’s what’s so funny. [sic].”

Another troll added: “She tries to pretend it’s her real hair, but it’s been proven over and over again to be extensions.”

Jenelle then tagged her hairstylist and told fans to ask her if her hair was real.

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The mother-of-three has claimed she is considering donating her hair to Locks Of Love, a charity which makes wigs from human hair for children who have no hair due to a problem health.

“I’m actually thinking about donating it to Locks of Love,” the Teen Mom star said.

She documented the process of dyeing her hair bright red


She documented the process of dyeing her hair bright red1 credit
She showed off the final results, ignoring talk of her alleged extensions


She showed off the final results, ignoring talk of her alleged extensions1 credit
She previously denied having extensions in her hair


She previously denied having extensions in her hair1 credit

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