Tangshan Encourages Reporting of Illegal Acts Following Brutal Assault on Restaurant


Photo: China Information Service

Authorities in Tangshan have encouraged residents to provide denunciations as part of the ongoing campaign to crack down on illegal acts, showing their determination to stamp out violence in the city after the brutal assault on the restaurant.

Providing a specific address, phone number, email to get in touch with the campaign’s leading group, Tangshan is looking for six categories of reports, ranging from fighting, provoking to unrest, insulting women , extortion, forced trade, gambling, drug use and cybercrime, as well as dereliction of duty, concealment and complicity in crimes.

The campaign launched on Sunday was a direct response to the impact on society of the shocking attack at a barbecue restaurant involving nine suspects insulting and beating four women at midnight.

The case sparked a heated national discussion on women’s protection and public safety, and led to more reports of illegal acts and criminal gangs organized by Tangshan residents with their real names.

Over the past two days, Tangshan police have responded quickly to cases that have been exposed by residents online. Besides the nine suspects detained by police involved in the case, at least two others have been arrested in connection with another incident involving a pastry shop and four have been arrested in connection with a bar accident in Tangshan’s Lubei district. .

Holding her credentials in her hand, a woman named Zhang said in a video clip released on Saturday that she suffered from being harassed, beaten, abused, threatened, intimidated and illegally detained between the 23rd and 24th. May by a criminal gang in Lubei District in Tangshan.

Before Zhang, a Tangshan pastry shop owner also denounced online under his real name on Friday a criminal gang that is believed to be made up of staff released after serving their prison terms. The pastry shop owner said he had to close his shop after the gang carried out extortion and violence since July 2021.

The campaign’s leadership group said it encouraged real-name tippers and would protect the names and contacts of tipsters. Special clues and main evidence are needed. He also reminded not to weave stories or exaggerate facts or build a case against others.

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