Noughties Skunk Hair officially makes a comeback


After TikTok called blonde hair ‘cheugy’, hair lovers around the world started taking inspiration from the early 2000s and found #inspo in the striped skunk headdress of yesteryear.

Many of us, it seems on social media, are giving in to the urge to try the trend – which traditionally involves bleaching bold strands of hair in the front of the hairline to frame the face. without any mixture or feather.

While the look is moving towards a more monochrome, light and dark style à la Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid, the trend definitely modernized with the help of Billie Eilish who extended it to bright hues – hello green. fluo!

Truth be told, the rebirth of this trend is not sudden, in fact, it has slowly crept into our FYP since 2019, but with the help of celebrities and beauty influencers, it is becoming more and more popular. more common.

Dua Lipa is one of the many stars who have modernized the skunk hair trend (credit: Instagram)

In light of the trend’s return, we asked hair expert Luke Zak Gregory, senior stylist at SALON64, why Christina Aguilera’s dirty-era mane was getting another release.

“What’s appealing about the two-tone skunk punk hair trend is the natural evolution and fusion of ‘rose gold toner or dusty pink pieces’ and the ‘hidden rainbow panels’ trend. forgotten by 2020, “he said. Tyla.

“It allows the modern girl, coming out of lockdown, to customize whether she wants to whisper or scream about her hair and style.”

If you’re wondering how to make it less chic and more modern, Luke suggests swapping straight styles for textured looks.

The style has traditionally shifted towards a more monochrome look (Photo credit: Instagram)
The style has traditionally shifted towards a more monochrome look (Photo credit: Instagram)

He said: “Get away from all the flaws and personality with hair straighteners, a la Miss Aguilera.

“Look to add subtle volume and length by using natural ribbon wefts instead of clip-on extensions – which barely ‘catch’ at the end of the night – a mix of natural ribbons and nylon will allow the movement and staying power for days with minimal maintenance. “

As the hairstyle can be “tailor-made to suit your personality, texture and hair type,” Luke suggests that if you’re heading back to the office on New Years, maybe embrace Dua Lipa’s take on the trend. with “hidden platinum slices” under your brown mane or vice versa.

He adds, “Don’t think too much about style in either tribe, your cut and color will do the talking the most.

Billie Eilish's neon green and black are a fresh take on the hair trend that's taking over social media (Instagram)
Billie Eilish’s neon green and black are a fresh take on the hair trend that’s taking over social media (Instagram)

The hidden platinum panels will deliver texture on the dance floor, prepared with a light styling mousse before blow-drying to cheer up midi lengths with thinner hair, finish with a pointy middle part to channel your inner posh with a punk spice.

“For those shaggy mules newly hit by the curtain in the room, master the ‘curly girl method’, this will give you both maximum texture, improving volumizing disconnected layers and the longevity of your new deliberately acidic dip dye. . “

There you go, 2000s Avril Lavigne and Christina will be shaking in their boots.


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