New aero cycling kit that can only be purchased if you prove your average speed is fast enough launches on Kickstarter


New cycling clothing brand Go Faster has launched a campaign on Kickstarter for its new bike kit buying model, where riders need to improve their average speed to be able to purchase their next level aero-optimized gear. The British start-up claims that the cycling kit makes cyclists psychologically faster and reduces their impact on the planet. So far £ 651 has been pledged to meet the £ 10,000 target 29 days from the end.

Go Faster aims to rethink not only the way the cycling kit is designed, but also the way consumers buy it.

“Many cycling kits are replaced every season when new colors and trends are released. This behavior contributes to the unsustainable problems of fast fashion, including the environmental impact of manufacturing processes and the premature disposal of unwanted kits, ”says Go Faster.

The approach is based on the idea that if you have won your kit then you will be proud to wear it for more than a season.

Go Faster 2021 Draft Jersey (2)

So how does it work? Connect your Strava account and this allows you to purchase the Go Faster’s Draft training jersey, which is intended for any runner trying to ‘unlock’ their level 1 or level 2 jerseys.

Go Faster Level 1 2021 Jersey (2)

The level 1 jersey is unlocked by recording a run with an average speed of 26 km / h (16 mph), while you will need to go to 39 km / h (24 mph) for the level 2 jersey optimized for aero . To ensure riders don’t descend a hill for a few seconds to prove their speed, Go Faster requests that the ride downloads be 10 km or more in distance.

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2021 Go Faster Level 2 Jersey (2)

With sleeves constructed from tightly woven 3D textured fabric developed in the wind tunnel, Go Faster claims the Level 2 jersey is optimized for speeds above 24 mph – the average riding speed you’ll need to unlock it.

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On all jerseys, the Bodywrap construction eliminates side panels and, by eliminating seams on the side of the body, Go Faster says it allows for the same smooth airflow as its seamless sleeves.

Go Faster Level 1 2021 Jersey

Heat-sealed low-profile seams are used on all jerseys for smooth, efficient airflow around the arms and waist, Go Faster says, while the bib shorts use low-profile Bodywrap straps which are believed to minimize raised areas of the fabric that can catch the wind.

Go Faster says it’s not just this aerodynamic technology that will help you go faster with their kit: “Research in sports psychology indicates that wearing a jersey achieved through personal achievement can lead to increased costs. performance compared to the kit you just purchased. It is thanks to the increase in pride, self-confidence and social status that wearing the kit generates.

Go Faster Draft 2021 Jersey

Additionally, Go Faster says its purchasing model has lasting benefits as well: “Purchased as a reward for personal accomplishment, your Go Faster kit makes sense; we believe that if you love to win it, you will love to ride it, season after season.

In addition to increasing the life of its kit, Go Faster uses recycled performance fabrics including 100% post-consumer polyester yarns, 100% pre-consumer sustainable nylon recycled from industrial waste and up to Made from 65% pre-consumer sustainable premium elastane recycled from industrial waste. These fabrics would be Bluesign, Oekotex and GRS Global Recycled Standard certified.

To buy the Draft Jersey, you can pledge £ 98 on Kickstarter to save 15% on the £ 115 RRP. For Level 1 or Level 2 jerseys, you will need to pledge £ 115 (15% off RRP) and share your past trip data to prove your average speed, or request a voucher code from use through the Go Faster’s Draft program.

Delivery is scheduled for September 2021.

More details on other discounted fares can be found on the Kickstarter page here.

All the usual Kickstarter rules and regulations apply and can be found here.

So often with an aero-optimized kit we don’t drive up to speed for a significant advantage – so maybe this type of business model could also help us think a bit more about what our true needs are for our kit. ? Well-fitting, comfortable clothing doesn’t have to be so aerodynamic just for fun. Thoughts?


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