NBA fan shares hilarious video after Bradley Beal and Damian Lillard signed insane contract extensions: “Chase A Bag, Don’t Worry Bout What I’m Doing.”


The NBA offseason is in full swing right now, with teams traveling across the country. While Kevin Durant’s trade demand has clouded the headlines somewhat, we’ve also seen mammoth contract extensions come to fruition.

Whether it’s Nikola Jokic getting a well-deserved 5-year, $260 million supermax deal with the Denver Nuggets or a young star like Zion Williamson signing a deal with the New Orleans Pelicans, many superstars have chosen to stay with their teams and try to compete with their franchise.

Other players who have signed contract extensions include Bradley Beal and Damian Lillard. Playing for the Washington Wizards and Portland Trail Blazers respectively, Beal and Lillard have been regulars on All-Star teams and also made several playoffs.

But the two were never close to competing for a championship. Whether it’s the lack of capable supporting actors or the franchise not making a dynamic move to add another superstar, both All-Stars have been on mediocre teams in the playoffs.

But both surprised many NBA fans with their recent contract extensions. While the Wizarding Guard signed a 5-year extension worth $251 million, Lillard signed a 2-year extension worth a staggering $122 million.

Considering the lucrative amount of money at stake, it’s understandable that the two could have signed the deals, but one fan had a hilarious tweet after the two extended their contracts. Posting a 3-second clip of Blueface’s song Deadlocs, the tweet got plenty of hilarious reactions.


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