Natalie shows off makeover ahead of return to single life


Natalie Mordovtseva returns in season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life, and she celebrates the return of her franchise with some cool hair extensions.

Ukrainian 90 day fiance star Natalie Mordovtseva celebrates her return to 90 days: single life by unveiling her brand new hair transformation. Natalie, 37, became a polarizing cast member on TLC when she debuted on 90 Day Fiancé season 7. The former actress constantly harassed her fiancé Mike Youngquist, kept asking him for a baby and never disagreed with her religious and dietary preferences, making fans wonder if Natalie and Mike were compatible at all. As expected, Natalie and Mike broke up six months after their wedding the following season. Natalie exited Mike’s Sequim trailer and landed in Florida, with her new journey documented on The single life.


Mike’s mother, Trish Youngquist, who believed Natalie was marrying her son for a green card, apparently got it right about what the Kyiv native did in America after his split. Natalie and Mike are reportedly not divorced yet, although she denounces the marriage and attributes her weight gain to the stress it caused her. Natalie, who had two unsuccessful marriages before Mike, was last seen dating a man named Josh from Los Angeles, who is the CEO of a modeling agency. With aspirations of starting her own modeling career in America, 90 day fiance Cast member Natalie seemed to have found her perfect take. But the trailer forThe single life season 3 reveals that Natalie could rekindle her love for her ex.

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As TLC releases the official trailer for season 3 of the 90 day fiance spin off, Natalie revealed her new hairstyle in a magical video. Natalie used the Addams Family soundtrack to show off her goth-inspired look. She wore a ruffled dress and added a shimmering filter with butterflies and sequins to the video, in which she adored herself in a mirror. Natalie, who was generally criticized for keeping her beautiful blonde curls untamed in previous seasons, finally decided to take fan suggestions into consideration. Natalie’s curly mane now looks neat and her hair is much longer than before thanks to the use of extensions.

Many of Natalie’s followers, over 306,000, reached out to her in the comments to compliment her new release. Fans wrote how much they loved Natalie’s eyes. Someone nicknamed her the “the most beautiful lady of all time.” Another fan added: “I love your long hair! Absolutely stunning inside and out!However, not everyone seemed to be giving Natalie’s hair a boost. One of the commenters asked Natalie to get a clip with layers, so it would look more natural with her hair. original.”Unmixed Extensionsanother comment said. One TLC viewer even told Natalie that her “Wig“looks”fake as hell.“But it’s not like 90 day fiance star Natalie might be bothered by the negativity in her comments section.

She seems to bask in the joy of being thrown into another 90 day fiance franchise season. The very juicy preview of The single life shows Natalie continuing her romance with Josh and meeting him in Los Angeles. Natalie admits she came to America to have a baby and start a family, but she was a “good girl” who did “bad choiceNatalie’s new life in LA makes her feel like she’s in a Hollywood movie, however, Natalie also claims her new boyfriend is using her. The most shocking part of the trailer, however, is Natalie returns to Sequim to kiss Mike and give him flowers. With Natalie being the secret 90 day fiance star that she is, fans can never expect what her next move will be – whether it’s Natalie getting some new hair or Natalie going back to her ex-husband.

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