Leftovers: Dogfish Head Brews the “Turducken of the Beer World”; Dole serves plate dinners


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Dogfish Head brews the ‘Turducken’ beer

As craft beer makers search for the next creative offering, Dogfish Head is looking to poultry for inspiration in crafting its next beer.

Dogfish Head, part of The Boston Beer Company, is partnering with Gastro Obscura, the food and beverage vertical of Atlas Obscura, to launch a limited-edition, first-of-its-kind craft beer experience: Fermentation Engastration.

Taking inspiration from the famous “Turducken” feast – a boneless chicken stuffed into a boneless duck, stuffed into a boneless turkey – the limited-time offer is inspired by the combination of five different fermented alcoholic beverages: a flavored sake with rose, a Mid-Atlantic honey and date mead, a bittersweet hard cider, a fruity muscat wine and a rustic farmhouse beer. The alcohols, which are fermented for as little as a few weeks to as long as four months, are then mixed at different speeds.

The beer features a combination of self-proclaimed “off-center culinary ingredients” including barley, spelt, muscat grape juice concentrate, flaked rice, apple juice concentrate, rice syrup honey, date syrup, yeast, hops and rose petals.

Dogfish Head only produces 1,000 pint-sized bottles, which are 10% alcohol by volume – although only around 250 have been released to the public, with the rest for sale and sampling at festivals and other events. The first 150 bottles of beer sold out quickly on launch day, before the brewer released the remaining 100 bottles.

“As brewers and ‘mad scientists’ of sorts, we’ve always been fascinated with deconstructing, reimagining and reassembling the way drinkers experience every sip of a new beer,” said Sam Calagione, Founder and Brewer. of Dogfish Head. “Our latest example of this thinking is Fermentation Engastration, much like the ‘turducken’ of beer, which artfully merges a whole myriad of complex ideas and brewing concepts into one multi-tiered consumer event.”

At a media event showcasing the new beer, Calagione said the brewer “would love to make this liquid again.” But he noted that another batch would use a different crop of ingredients, meaning it could likely have a different mixing ratio of the five different alcohols and potentially a slightly different flavor.

As consumer tastes change and evolve, liquor manufacturers continue to seek out unique flavor profiles to grab their attention, as many people increasingly turn to ready-to-drink spirits and cocktails, and so that the once rapidly growing hard seltzer category is losing momentum – hitting makers like Boston Beer and its Truly Hard Seltzer brand.

To expand its portfolio, Boston Beer has partnered with Tequila maker Sauza Beam Suntory in launch Sauza Agave cocktails, work with PepsiCo on a Hard Mtn Dew and launched a Nordic-inspired sparkling drink called Bevy.

—Christopher Doering

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Courtesy of Dole

Dole prepares a way to prepare the main course at dinner

As the world’s largest fresh produce company, consumers know Dole as the brand that can provide them with fresh bananas or pineapples for a sweet treat, canned fruit for healthy lunch treats and bagged salads. for a fresh side dish for dinner.

But with its latest launch, Dole aims to show that it can make a dinner main too. Dole is new Griddle Starter Kits, now available in select stores in the eastern and southeastern United States, are designed to hold almost everything a consumer would need to prepare a main course. Bag dinners contain fresh vegetables and seasonings. To make a complete meal, the consumer pours the vegetables onto a rimmed baking sheet, adds meat or another protein, finishes with the seasoning and bakes. And after dinner, there’s only one pan to clean.

“Our new stove top meal starter kits are the culmination of extensive research and trend analysis and allow us to deliver exactly what consumers are looking for: meal solutions that are healthy, tasty, convenient and at a one dish,” said the senior manager of Dole Food Company. Product Innovation Shannon Yamada said in a written statement.

The new kits, which will be sold near Dole Salad Kits in the fresh section of the grocery store, are launching in three varieties: Homestyle Roasted Herb – with baby carrots, mini red potatoes and green beans seasoned with rosemary and thyme ; French Onion – with baby carrots, baby red potatoes and green beans with onion, garlic and parsley dressing; and Lemon Parmesan – a mixture of baby carrots, mini red potatoes, broccoli florets, and garlic parmesan and lemon pepper parmesan seasoning.

Plate dinners have become more popular with consumers in recent years – and especially during the pandemic. The easy cooking method and cleanup can create a well-balanced, flavorful meal without much work. There are literally thousands of recipes available online for plate dinners. And while following a recipe leads to a fairly easy meal, it’s one that requires chopping vegetables and precisely measuring ingredients – steps that become much easier for the consumer with a kit.

Since he started the process of made public last year, Dole has made efforts to diversify its consumer offerings. The production company, which consolidated its dominance as the former Dole company merged with former Irish company Total Produce LLCsettled in quickly functional juices and is considering ways to increase supply in fast-growing categories like berries.

According to documents Dole filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ahead of its IPO, fresh vegetables account for about 28% of the company’s business, which is dominated by fruits, particularly bananas. CEO Rory Byrne said he would like Dole to expand its offer and increase name recognition, particularly in the vegetable sector. Products like hob starter kits can help you do just that.

—Megan Poinski

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Courtesy of Utz

Utz pats her cheese balls and pickles for new fries flavors

Pennsylvaniabased on snacks Utz has been trying new ways to add freshness to its products in recent years, and now it’s looking to its own portfolio for inspiration.

Utz announced two new potato chip flavors: a Ripples chip with its own cheddar flavor Utz Cheese Balls and a classic dill pickle flavor in collaboration with Grillos Pickles. Limited time flavors are available in 2.625 and 7.75 ounce bags.

The merger of Utz salty flavored potato chips Grilloswhich began in 2008 selling pickles from a cart in Boston, makes sense given the more than 100% growth in pickles and pickle-flavored potato chips over the past year, according to mintel data cited by Utz in the press release. Eddie Andre, Grillos director of brand experience, said the fusion of his brand pickles and Utz chips is a nostalgic experience.

“I would eat Utz chips and a spear of Grillo while selling pickles from our pickle cart in Boston, so having two of the best snacks available in collaboration is a dream come true,” Andre said.

Utz Cheese Balls, usually sold in a large plastic barrel containing around 1,100 orbs of cheddar cheese, have been a long-time fan favorite since the company started making them in 1990.

For snack makers, looking to their own product portfolio for flavor inspiration offers consumers a new way to enjoy familiar brands. Last summer, Frito-Lay added the flavor of Doritos Cool Ranch and Funyuns for Lay’s Potato Crisps. He also presented his Flamin Hot flavor, once available only in Cheetos, widely in its portfolio, for everything from Doritos to Mtn Dew.

from Utz the flavor expansion comes during a period of growth for the company. In his latest earnings call, CEO Dylan Lisette said request for from Utz snack products”remains robust,” as its net sales increased nearly 27% in the quarter.

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