Kelly Dodd calls Emily Simpson a ‘liar’ for going to the ‘dark side’ with Heather Dubrow; Emily’s texts leak again


Oh, Emily Simpson, what a tangled web you weave. For me, the surprise of the season on Real Housewives of Orange County was Emily. And how ready she is to stir the pot. Apparently so much so that it even involved a despised and fired housewife, Kelly Dodd.

As reported by Presentation of reality, Kelly decided to blow up from Emily spot while plugging in his YouTube channel. Kelly took to her Instagram and posted“EXCLUSIVE: See all the texts that prove my point of view on why Emily & heating [Dubrow] are liars and why the grades are so bad. NOW this week [RHOC] Summary of our Rick and Kelly unmasked YouTube channel! At least [Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson,] and I went all the way up!”

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Kelly fired for heating since she returned to the show. She previously revealed texts from Emily talk about how Heather mistreats producers. This last attack attacks Noella Bergener allegations that Heather got physical during filming. Heather vehemently denied the allegations.

On the YouTube episode, she teased with a music video on Instagram, Kelly noted Emily “screwed up” when she didn’t reveal what she knew about the incident. Said Kelly of Emily, “She’s a liar. If Emily had just said exactly how she felt instead of going to the bad side, the dark side, which is Heather Dubrow, she would have made the show so much better. Emily screwed up. She thought all her eggs were in Heather’s basket. Bravo made Heather’s comeback so important that these girls got scared. It’s the truth. And Emily is one of those girls who wants to be in the cool girl group and she’ll do anything – and lie. She added, “That’s why this season is failing.”

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Kelly continued to share the text messages that Emily sent her. Tsk tsk, Emily. I thought you were smarter than texting Kelly about this stuff. One of Emily’s messages read: ‘She turned on them and started yelling at them and tried to turn off the cameras. Shouted ‘Cameras down!’ In another post, Emily wondered, “I was like WTF. Are we allowed to do this? After Kelly suggested that Emily talk about it on camera, Emily said that heating “acts like” she’s on a [sitcom].”

Kelly accused heating of diva behavior, to which Emily said she was “surprised that they want to deal with all of this again”. Kelly’s latest screenshot from the texts, Kelly called out Heather for talking to people and offered to have the production show her behavior as an elitist. Emily replied, “They would probably be prosecuted.”

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Kelly talked about the situation, “Emily did not speak his truth in this dinner. She lied and said she didn’t know. Kelly refers to the last RHOC episode where heating stormed after by Noella allegations. Emily sided with Heather and followed her out of the restaurant. Kelly complained: ‘If Emily had been honest and said, ‘She did that’, instead of kissing Heather’s butt, it would have been a whole different sight. It would have been a better show. It would have been a truthful sight.

Naturally, by Kelly The Instagram comments section was a complete mess. One user noted, “Big deal. We saw heating say to turn off the camera. noella talks about her getting her hands on people. And for the [record] I can’t stand Heather. But I don’t see what that proves. Amen to that! At least some fans don’t fall for the trap. Kelly replied, “It proves that Emily had disdain for Heather and her behavior. Emily knew it was obnoxious and out of place and not ok but wouldn’t admit it and pretended she knew nothing when confronted with [Noella] and lie about it!


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