Kardashian fans shocked by rare never-before-seen photos of Kylie Jenner’s REAL skin and hair without wig or extensions


KARDASHIAN fans are all shocked by some rare never-before-seen photos revealing Kylie Jenner’s real skin and hair as she was seen stepping out without her usual extreme look.

Kylie, 24, took to the streets with a wide smile with no filters, no makeup and no wigs or extensions – and fans were absolutely floored.


Kylie Jenner was caught in rare photos without makeup or hair extensionsCredit: BackGrid
Fans went wild over Kylie's transformation over the years with all her makeup and hair extensions


Fans went wild over Kylie’s transformation over the years with all her makeup and hair extensionsCredit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Fans discovered Kylie’s photos and shared them on a fan forum.

The user reminded his community, “Remember those pics and how completely average celebrities look without makeup, lighting, and photoshop.”

In the rare paparazzi snaps, Kylie was all smiles as she proudly stepped out without any makeup revealing her skin texture, pimples, redness and all.

She was wearing a matching tie-dye hoodie and sweatpants and was holding a bag of crisps and a bottle of water.

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Kylie's fans think she

Her hair was tied in a messy bun and the star didn’t even have shoes on when she got into a car.

A second fan responded to the photos, “We all have our moments where we look good, but nobody looks perfect 24/7.”

Another fan replied, “All that money invested in surgeries, injections, makeup, stylist teams for clothes, hair and makeup…and they’re all completely average, just like us. Average , it’s just being human, there’s no shame in that.”

Still, a fourth asked: ‘Does anyone else think she looks weird without all the makeup and tan and all that?’

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A fifth commented: “I like it better that way.”

Someone else agreed and wrote: ‘Me too – she’s pretty and relatable and not like a model.’

WHY, Ky?

The throwback photos come as fans beg Kylie to ‘stop using filters’ in her social media posts.

Once again, Kylie transformed her look for her followers in a clip of her singing lips in front of the camera.

The beauty mogul wore a baggy black ensemble as she sat on the floor of her $36million home.

She held the camera above her head as she stared into the lens, singing along to her baby daddy Travis Scott, NC-17’s track.

The Hulu star moved the camera all around to capture her gaze from many angles.

Kylie donned her long, dark locks and heavy makeup, but fans weren’t convinced that was her natural look.


Viewers took to an online thread to question her seemingly darker complexion in the video as one person asked, “Is that brown makeup or her nose?”

Others cleared up any confusion, theorizing that the TV personality apparently changed in appearance due to a filter.

“It’s a filter, I don’t know why she chose one that would give her a brown nose,” another wrote.

Another echoed the thought, writing, “It’s a filter.”

A bunch of other people begged the Kylie Cosmetics founder to ditch the filters and show off her natural beauty.

“Why do you use filters? You don’t need them,” one remarked.

“Kylie, me and you both know you don’t need filters,” said another.

“Are you serious? Filters? Girl, you don’t need filters. Your beauty is perfect,” one person responded.

“It’s embarrassing and low key,” one added harshly, while another begged her to “stop using filters.”


The video comes just a day after Kylie showed off her real skin and removed her makeup in a TikTok video.

The nearly two-minute video shows the makeup mogul’s authentic self, bare-faced, as she tries to dodge a fly.

“I just finished filming,” she began the video.

“I was removing my makeup, then I decided to film a three-minute Tiktok because it’s my favorite place.”

Kylie continued to clean her face with a makeup remover wipe while dressed in a gray bathrobe.

“There’s also a giant fly buzzing around the room. So if you hear it, it’s just our friend now because I’m not going to kill it,” Kylie told her followers.

She then stopped removing her makeup for a second and listened to the buzz as she tightened her dress.

After removing all of her makeup, Kylie slicked her hair back in a clip and left her curls loose behind her hair.


The mother-of-two went on to explain what products she uses to remove her makeup: “So I wiped my face with my makeup remover wipes actually.

“I do this when I have a lot of shiny eyeshadow and stuff.”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum continued, “Now I’m going to get started with my melting makeup remover. It’s a must when doing my makeup because I…”

She didn’t finish her sentence but rubbed it over her face, including her closed eyelids.

The reality TV star realized halfway through that she still had her false eyelashes on and took them off, showing off her real skin and face.

She scrubbed everything off and then wiped her face with a towel.

“Okay. All my makeup is taken off and then I like to do a double cleanse. This is my clarifying gel cleanser. My favorite cleanser,” the star said, showing the bottle to the camera.

“Salicylic acid really helps me when I was in crisis and helped me a lot during Covid, and the video ends. Bye!”

Fans lived for this content, with many saying they felt like they were on Facetime.

But others praised Kylie for her makeup-free beauty.

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“Kylie without makeup is so adorable” commented a fan.

“She is so naturally beautiful,” said another.

Fans praised Kylie for looking authentic in old paparazzi photos


Fans praised Kylie for looking authentic in old paparazzi photosCredit: BackGrid
Fans begged Kylie to stop using filters on her social media posts


Fans begged Kylie to stop using filters on her social media postsCredit: TikTok/@kyliejenner
Kylie fans, she felt 'closer' in photos without her intense hair and makeup


Kylie fans, she felt ‘closer’ in photos without her intense hair and makeupCredit: Instagram / Kylie Cosmetics

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