Julianne Hough’s fit legs and butt shine as she sparkles in IG video

  • Julianne Hough, 33, has just revealed her toned legs and butt in a brand new Instagram video.
  • The dancer and actress let all her stress out during a recent rehearsal by swaying in the studio in tights and a leotard.
  • Julianne says SoulCycle classes and her favorite smoothie help her stay in shape.

    Julianne Hough is back on Instagram with a total Monday #mood. The 33-year-old actress and dancer showed her five million followers exactly how she gets rid of unwanted stress during a rehearsal – and I’m already thinking about trying it out after my next meeting.

    In his latest Instagram Story video, Jules takes a little break from a long day of dancing. But apparently there’s a lot of work to do: “When the delirium strikes 🤪 because you only have 10 days to create Enter the movies,“, she captioned the clip.

    She lets it all out in a seriously impressive shimmy session, and her toned legs and sculpted buttocks are on full display in tights and a leotard.

    Wondering how Jules stays in such incredible shape when she’s not sweating in the studio? She usually trains about five days a week and never says no to a good SoulCycle class. “I love being around people and the community,” she said. Women’s health. On other days, Julianne participates in weight training sessions or practices hot power fusion yoga at CorePower Yoga.

    Since she strutted around Dancing with the stars and appearing on America has talent, Jules now spends his days running KINRGY, his own fitness platform. The program features 45-minute “highly sensory activated dance method” workouts — classes blend elements of tai chi, cardio, strength training, qigong, and energy work (phew!).

    As for her diet, Julianne loves to sip green juice. “If I eat something before working out that’s more substantial, it doesn’t work for me,” she explained. In the morning, she makes her signature smoothie: it’s filled with almond milk, protein powder, avocado, almond butter, blueberries, spinach, and banana.

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    When it comes to meals, Julianne avoids foods that can cause inflammation. Instead, she seeks grilled chicken, salmon, and grilled or steamed vegetables. But she’s a foodie through and through: “I love tacos and guacamole,” she said W.H.. “I like food!”

    Kill him, Jules!

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