“It didn’t occur to me”


People are realizing what a tattoo gun actually does to skin.

TikToker @rubyd00biedoo has 18 tattoos. But even she was stunned by how a tattoo gun works. The designer shared her surprise as she reacted up close to a clip of a tattoo needle.

“As someone who is 18, this hasn’t occurred to me”, the text of the video declared.

She stared in shock, covering her mouth as a close-up of a tattoo needle pricked someone’s skin.

According ink and water tattoo, tattoo needles are like “individual bristles in a brush”. Every bristle on a brush is the same, but brushes vary in shape and size. Tattoo needles can be long, short, smooth or textured, depending on whether they are used for shading or outlining.

The reaction video received 11.4 million views on ICT Tac. Some weren’t expecting the number of needles, while others were shocked by the depth.

“All the time I thought it was a small needle,” said one user said.

“Nahh that needle depth is too deep on purpose,” another wrote.

“It actually makes it easier to not be afraid of tattoos,” a TikToker replied.

“As an artist of almost 15 years, it’s way deeper than I would ever have set my needle depth,” one person commented.

“If I remember correctly, there are different types of tattoo guns with different amounts of needles depending on whether you’re shading or doing line work,” someone said. added.

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