Inside a strange, abandoned funeral home with rotten bodies, ashes and ‘creepy’ children’s toys


Strange snapshots show an abandoned funeral home with rotting corpses, human ashes and a spooky children’s toy.

Urban explorer Robb, 40, of New York City, made the sinister discovery in Florida.

The full-time content creator discovered that the crumbling building had been unused for nearly a decade, after police arrested the owner for obtaining the property under bogus spending.

It was revealed that despite accepting the money for the funeral expenses, three bodies were not taken to the crematorium and were left to decompose in place. The bodies were taken away in 2012, but evidence of their stay remains.

A local resident gave Robb a tour as he filmed his tour for his intrigued viewers, The Sun reports.

Haunting photos were found among the debris

Throughout the footage, a variety of strange objects are visible, including an open casket where a dead body was found, a gravestone belonging to a person called Daisy B Hunt, who died in 2004, and a children’s animal toy.

“This old funeral home definitely had a scary vibe inside, having a history of neglect and criminal behavior likely helped with that,” Robb said.

“The remains and photos of the dead really raised the spooky counter on this particular exploration.

Funeral home
An old mattress, believed to have been left by squatters, was also found

“It was a strange place, but most of the abandoned buildings are a little strange in my opinion.”

The blood-curdling find also included a huge hole in the ground that led to a basement below.

Inside, old Polaroid photos of funerals held in the building are strewn with letters and documents.

Another frightening find was a bag of ashes from 1995, another from 1999, next to the deceased’s certificates and personal details.

Funeral home
The building has fallen into disuse over the past 20 years

Certificates and clocks still pinned to the walls can be seen in other rooms.

But the strangest discovery was yet to come, and Robb was horrified to stumble upon a coffin that previously contained a dilapidated body wrapped in clothing.

Another room had a table on which one of the other bodies was reportedly found, as well as Polaroid photos of the carcass before death.

It has not been revealed where the third body was found.

Funeral home
A body was left on the table pictured above when the house was first abandoned

Intrepid squatters are believed to have braved mortal misery at some point in the building’s history, as a random mattress and duvet were found among the dust in one of the back rooms.

Robb added: “People’s relatives have been left behind because the owner was negligent and criminal in his responsibilities.

“I couldn’t imagine that someone I loved would stay or mine would be treated badly after my death and just thinking about it brings a weird goosebumps to me.

“I hope they all shut down somehow and that their souls are in a better place than what was left of their ships.”

The explorer regularly shares his exploits of abandoned buildings on his YouTube channel, RNK All Day.

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“I found a lot of strange things in places like this, it’s hard to choose one in particular, but in this one it was the photos of the deceased and the ashes,” he said. he continued.

“In others, it could be a machine, hospital equipment, furniture, or even an old scary children’s toy, which is why I like these places because they all have something something different, rare and strange. “

The original owner of the funeral home has not been named.


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