I’m an Irish hairstylist and my hack will make sure your clip in extensions fit perfectly


An Irish hairstylist has revealed her “best tip” for applying clip-in extensions perfectly.

Coia Dahill, owner of the Hemera salon in Tipperary, said it was important to comb the hair to prevent the clips from slipping.


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Coia showed how she puts on clip in extensions


Coia showed how she puts on clip in extensions

In a ICT Tac video, she explained, “A big tip when applying clip-in extensions is to comb the root zone, tease it a bit.

“If you don’t, the clips can basically slip on the hair.

“If you have particularly fine hair or oily hair, I would recommend a bit of dry shampoo or crepe spray to help create that bit of grain and maintain that bit of crepe.

“As you can see it makes the clip really nice and tight on the head and you know it’s not going to slip at all.”

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Last month, she opened up about how dry shampoo can keep hair from getting greasy in the first place.

Coia said to get the most out of the product, it should be sprayed on cool hair.

She posted on ICT Tac: “Best advice – you should spray dry shampoo into your hair when it’s still fresh before it gets greasy. This will help keep the oil out.

“When you spray dry shampoo on already oily hair, it doesn’t work as well.

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“It can have a hard time really removing those oils. So while your hair is still fresh before it gets greasy, spray it into your roots, massage it in and it works more as a preventative than a cure. .”

Meanwhile, another Irish hairstylist has revealed five hair mistakes everyone seems to make.

Also speaking to TikTok, Co Kildare-based Head Office Salon said people should never do these five things to their hair.

One of the most common mistakes everyone seems to make with their hair is picking their own split ends – but the expert warned that was a mistake.

And the hairdresser warned people not to tie their hair up every day.

Wearing your hair all day can put unnecessary pressure on your roots, which could break and damage them.

The hair expert also warned people that washing your hair in hot water is wrong.

Hot water weakens your roots and as a result your hair becomes frizzy. And that could be another cause of hair breakage.

Not using heat protectant is also another mistake the hair care expert warned people about.

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According to the expert, another hair mistake that everyone seems to make is towel-drying their hair.

The coarse texture and dryness of a cotton or terry cloth towel can damage the hair.


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