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To what extent is God’s sexual error to blame for the attitude towards women? And what would you say or think, if I told you now, categorically, that God is not a man, God is a woman… how would that change the way you think about women and the role of men in the world? The woman is now the Goddess, the giver of life, the giver of your life. How are you going to treat women now that you know God is a woman? Men are there to serve women, not the other way around. The woman is the giver of life and it is the man’s role to protect and serve her as she gives birth to this new life.

In reality, the big story here is God’s wrong sex. God is masculine, therefore, masculine is God is the basic message.

The woman is the witch of knowledge, the temptress of the Garden of Eden who caused Adam’s downfall by offering an apple to the unlucky fool. He could have said “No”.

Thus, women get off to a bad start with the myth of Adam and Eve which is considered gospel in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Not only were women blamed for the fall of the Garden of Eden, but their role in creation is further completely ignored in favor of a Babylonian creation myth where Eve is created from Adam’s rib. It goes against everything we know about creation, evolution, and biological reproduction.

It is a myth, surely! Adam couldn’t produce a woman from his rib, could he? But these books tell us that’s what happened. Was not it?

If you thought discussing human pronouns was dangerous enough, here’s the big enchilada, guaranteed to make dangerous reading, guaranteed to rock our patriarchal belief system to the core and some patriarchs with it, guaranteed to put women back on their thrones legit as co-creators, guaranteed to upset a lot of people who buy into fantasy, myth and legend about observable and irrefutable facts, and guaranteed to upset a lot of men who now have to question their male privilege .

Regardless of race, creed or religion, men have the privilege and power that their sense of superiority over women has given them.

Here and below I will challenge the concept that God is uniquely male and that Adam produced Eve from his rib. I will question the very nature of our male dominated societies and why women are considered inferior and come after men, when in fact all men are descended from women. I will question the male monopoly on power, his supposed power over women, and whether the pronoun of God needs to be reviewed in light of the facts. Indeed, don’t we call the earth “Mother Nature?” Where and what is the female role in creation?

To the best!

Now, I’m not going to say that God has the only sex of Woman, (pronouns: “she”, “she”), although I can, but if we follow the principles of “as above, so below below”, then the primary energy would contain both male and female (positive and negative energy), and both are necessary for the creation of new life however, regardless of your species.

We all know it takes two to tango, as in the Yin Yang symbol, and according to the old adage “as above, so below”, if it takes both a man and a woman to give birth to creation, then God must also contain both male and female. female energies.

In our world, here on Earth, we are subject to opposing but complementary forces, positive and negative, hot and cold, masculine and feminine, etc. One simply cannot exist without the other.

If God exists – and there is obviously a creative intelligence in the Universe – then surely God is beyond human form because God existed long before the universe was formed and we humans rather boring and destructive , were born.

In other words, ultimately, God is genderless and certainly not uniquely male.

Even the Church is now beginning to come around to the idea that God is indeed composed of both male and female energies. Equal but complementary.

So if God is both masculine and feminine, we need a new pronoun, because God is not, and never has been, exclusively masculine!

After considering that God needs a new pronoun, and after considering that this idea of ​​male supremacy goes back a long way, let’s look at the creation myth – which originated in Babylon – and is held to be gospel in all three Semitic monotheistic religions. and see if this case of male supremacy plays out in this story. The story of Adam and Eve.

Suppose for a moment that God created the first woman from Adam’s rib. God made Adam, hey presto, then took a rib and made Eve.

Following this logic, is this how all other creatures came into being? Did all the other animals appear the same way? Did God magically conjure up a male elephant, then from his rib make a female? Or, God made a male tiger and hey presto, took a female out of his rib? Is this how all creatures were created?

The idea that this is how it all started goes against theories of evolution and human biology at first. Humans, even Adam, didn’t suddenly magically appear (not that it would be beyond God to do so) and humans only evolved after millions of years, and didn’t manifested in this way.

They did not appear as a fait accompli at any time. They have evolved over millennia from simpler life forms that spread as biology intended, the fusion of male and female DNA in equal proportion through sperm and egg. The two incubated very cleverly, inside the woman’s womb. No need for ribs and trickery.

God (the creative force) has already very carefully designed the method of procreation and reproduction in the female anatomy which only required the fertilization of a suitable male counterpart, preferably the fittest one.

Nor does the woman come after the man as in this biblical myth. This is another attempt to steal feminine creative power from women and give it to men.

This is what really happens. Whenever a sperm and egg unite, during the first ten weeks of development, the embryo is a female. It is first, first of all a woman and it is only after this period that the male hormone (if it should be male) comes into play.

At that time, if she is destined to be a man, the vulva begins to merge and grows into the testicles (that’s why men have a seam along the scrotum) and the clitoris then turns into a penis and breasts refrain from developing although men are left with nipples as a byproduct of not being a woman.

If that wasn’t clear enough, let me say it again, the biological female comes first, and like it or not, the male is a by-product of the female and is created after and from the female. Man is produced from woman and if ribs were involved, Adam came from Eves, not the other way around.

It is the same procedure in all biological species. The female is formed first and the male second.

It is therefore the female who creates the male, and not the other way around.

So, is God indeed, being the main creator, feminine? Should we now, in light of the “as above, as below” philosophy, reconsider the inaccurate and therefore obsolete male pronouns for God?

Has this terrible gender error led to the suppression and domination of women with the most ungodly assumption that God is definitely purely male, “he/him”?

Just for an hour, try to think vice versa, try to break out of the mold that determined your thinking, your parents’ thinking, your grandparents’ thinking, ad infinitum, and see how different it makes you. , you and the whole world.

The woman is the creator. Woman is the creator of man.

It’s not a myth. That’s a fact.

Until we address this historic and unjust imbalance not only in our psyches, our philosophies and our religions, but in our societies around the world, from north to south, from east to west, and recognize that male privilege is a reality, we are doomed to continue down this path of ignorance that has clouded our way of thinking for far too long and annihilated our societies with unbalanced, damaging and distorted thinking that affects all walks of life of our lives around the world.

How much have these little male pronouns for God distorted our view of the world and is it too late to change it, or our consciousness, to find a more harmonious way of life, to put woman on her rightful throne as co -creative and not inferior subordinate?

That remains to be seen. I won’t hold my breath though, because the concept and reality of male privilege is so entrenched and so much to men’s advantage, that I don’t see them giving up that privilege anytime soon.


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