How to grow a bob, according to hairdressers


Haircuts are temporary. It’s a good thing to remember, especially when you’ve just left the living room in tears. The other side of that, however, is that haircuts have a finite timeline – so your perfect hairstyle won’t look like this forever. Even the best cuts can eventually become a tricky middle stage. So, if you’ve started the summer with a chop, you might be looking for tips on how to grow a bob with as few styling dilemmas as possible.

Although the short look is a timeless hairstyle, summer always seems to be the start of bob season. A big chop is the perfect farewell to the last months of hibernation. There is of course also the allure of the bob length: the shorter your hair is in summer, the less sweaty locks you have hanging around the back of your neck.

Over the seasons, however, there is often a burning desire to embrace the length – long hair can serve as a neck warmer, after all. So if you want to grow your bob, keep reading for four stylist-approved tips for surviving the transition period.

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1. Try dusting

When you upgrade to longer hair, mini braids are your friend, says Jamielynn De Leon, hairdresser and founder of Thug house salon. “Taking weight off your hair will help you move as it grows,” she tells Bustle. For work, she recommends dusting the hair – a process that removes dead ends from your locks without sacrificing length. Besides keeping things light and flowing, De Leon says dusting will also promote healthier growth because it prevents split ends from causing breakage.

2. Adopt hair accessories

During the growing phase, you will come to rely on low ponytails, top knots, and updos, all of which are optimal for this intermediate length. De Leon says you should stock up on hair accessories as well. “Bobby pins, especially colored bobby pins, can catch strands of hair that fall out or strands that don’t fit into your headband,” she told Bustle. Feel free to experiment, too – whether you’re using butterfly clips, a silk scrunchie, or oversized hair clips, accessories can elevate a simple bun.

3. Keep your locks healthy

Keeping your locks nourished is a milestone in the bob growth saga, according to De Leon and the celebrity hairstylist and extension specialist Priscilla Vallès. “The key to growing hair is keeping it healthy so it doesn’t break faster than it grows,” says Valles. To remedy this, she recommends air drying hair and using leave-in conditioners as well as weekly treatments. De Leon notes that hair masks and bonding treatments (think K18) can help accelerate healthy growth. You can also take regular hair supplements, says Valles, which contain nutrients like biotin and iron to nourish your strands.

4. Consider extensions

If you don’t want to wait another day for your hair to grow, extensions are a safe bet. Valles says professional or clip-on extensions will work for this, and you can choose from a wide range of lengths, textures, and colors. So if you’ve always wanted Rapunzel-level lengths – maybe in a cotton candy pink shade – this is an easy way to experiment.

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