How Demonic Allies Could Change The Fight


Each entry in the Bayonet added new elements to keep hack-and-slash combat fresh and challenging. The first game introduced torture attacks, which were fancy finishing moves used when the player’s magic gauge was full. Bayonet 2 added Umbran Climaxes, wide sweeping moves that Bayonetta could use against all enemies. It also introduced Umbran Armor, which involved heavier punches and kicks.

Now, Bayonet 3 seems set to introduce a whole new way for the Umbral Witch to fight her foes: by commanding her demons aside as they battle giant foes. While Bayonetta has always fought alongside her demons using mean weaving attacks, things took a turn when she fought them in Bayonet 2. Since she has fought with and against many demons, there are plenty of examples to draw upon to speculate on Bayonetta’s new combat options.

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Gomorrah: Devourer of the Divine

Bayonet 3The first gameplay trailer depicts this new style of fighting when Bayonetta summons Gomorrah, an inferno dragon she’s used in many climactic sequences before. Gomorrah fights a giant angel while Bayonetta commands from the side. The demon is seen punching the angel, then punching him. He then spits out blue flames, which completely destroy the Angel.

In the boss battle of the prologue chapter in Bayonet 2, Gomorrah uses an attack not seen in the trailer: slamming Bayonetta with his tail. Other attacks featured in the boss battle include biting Bayonetta and shooting fireballs.

Malphas: airborne fighter

The next clip shows Bayonetta summoning Malphas, the giant bird demon. In previous games, Bayonetta already had the ability to transform into Malphas to fly. She can also use this ability to fire feathers at her opponents. Just like at her usual size, Bayonetta can also fire feathers at giant opponents. The next clip involves Malphas moving in a circular motion, suggesting another move he can use. This burst sweeps away not only the angel she is fighting against, but also other nearby objects and debris.

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Phantasmaraneae: Flame Tornado

The last giant demon summoned by Bayonetta in the trailer is perhaps the one with the most combat potential: Phantasmaraneae, the demonic spider. He sits on his string and hits the angel several times while swinging from side to side. Then, Phantasmaraneae spits a web at the angel, holding it in place. Bayonetta then orders the spider to climb sideways up the wall, where she has the perfect opportunity to stab the angel with her stinger. The game plays in slow motion and the player is prompted to press X and A. This causes Bayonetta to be blasted into the angel like a rocket, where the trailer ends. This suggests that Bayonetta could pull off a final finishing move, like a climactic streak, once her giant demons are done weakening her opponents.

The Phantasmaraneae boss fight from Bayonet 2 also suggests other moves the spider might use in battle. In the boss battle, the spider can hold the player down with webs, cut them, release flame blasts from its body, and is able to stick to the wall using its webs. From there, Phantasmaraneae slams at the opponent, causing a massive shockwave throughout the room. It’s possible that one of these moves could be used while Bayonetta commands the Demonic Spider.

This new form of combat sounds incredibly exciting to Bayonetta fans, as it’s something the series has never done before. While additions like Umbran Climaxes and Umbran Armor changed the game somewhat in Bayonet 2this new fighting style could open up many opportunities for different playstyles. Bayonet 3 is one of the most anticipated games of 2022, and despite the lack of information about the game and its long development cycle, it’s possible that PlatinumGames will rewrite the hack-and-slash gameplay in a way never seen before.


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