Hilary Duff’s Mermaid Waves Prove Long Hair Is Still Here


Short hairstyles may be all the rage right now, but that’s not stopping Hilary Duff from going all out on Rapunzel. The actor may have debuted his longest hairstyle ever in a series of stunning Instagram photos that show off long blonde waves cascading over his shoulders. Hilary Duff’s mermaid waves prove that long hair will always be classic and even though it seems like everyone is going brown, Duff makes the case for the soft yet striking look of blonde hair. The loose waves are parted in the middle with a bit of darker color at the roots that gradually fades into an ethereal platinum. In the post, Duff explains that the look was created for press appearances to promote her upcoming Hulu show, How I met your father, a spin-off of the hit CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother.

“Glam with the best,” the actor captioned the photo. “It’s been so much fun doing press for HIMYF – my heart is full and it feels so good to be out in the world again promoting something I’m so proud of…with that giant mane.” Of course, this dramatic new length could only have been the fruit of some serious hair extensions, which Duff revealed was installed by her longtime hairstylist, Nikki Lee, who also posted the look – and shared exactly which extensions she used to create it.

Lee, who aptly described Duff’s long hair as “a dream”, gave a helpful breakdown of the look, saying she used a combination of Great Lengths pre-bonded extensions containing “Great Lengths Keratin “, which the brand describes as “a polymeric co-compound whose molecular structure closely resembles the structure and behavior of human hair: expanding when exposed to water and contracting when drying.”

The first extension used was shade 68-23 from the brand’s Rooted line, the brand’s most popular variety. The brand describes the collection as having “5 centimeters of dark roots transitioning dramatically into sultry blonde shades.” To complete Duff’s mermaid look, Lee also used styles 10 (a champagne blonde) and 68 (a soft almond blonde) from the Natural line. All three extensions were 18 inches, although it’s possible Lee took some length off to add layers and dimension to the hair.

Since Duff is busy with filming projects, the dramatic expansions probably won’t last very long, so put your bookmarks and screenshots while you can.


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