Here’s how to achieve sleek, straight looks without the heat damage


If hot air is potentially damaging your hair, why not expose your hair to a few blasts of cool air for less impact? According Health Line, after three-quarters of your hair has been air-dried, divide your hair into preferred sections. Next, take your hair dryer with the temperature set to “cool”, hold it about six inches from your hair and start blowing gently from root to tip. As you dry your hair, point the nozzle of the hair dryer down your hair shaft to avoid damaging the cuticle and work in small sections at a time. The main difference between hot air and cold air is that blowing hot air over your locks helps style them faster and more efficiently, while cold air helps hold your mane in place. and give your hair a light hole.

For best results, apply a few drops of smoothing serum to your hair before or after blow-drying. Smoothing Serum, by All about hair, is a serum-like anti-frizz product that coats the surface of your hair to keep it smooth, smooth, and add extra shine without weighing it down. To keep the look sleek, prepare a dry shampoo and spray it on the roots when your hair is damp to draw out excess moisture and keep hair straight longer.


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