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Have you always dreamed of having a Disney princess Hair? Want to add length to your short locks? Or do you think your hair needs to be thicker? Maybe you need a little extra help with Hair extensions – they can make a difference. Now in the past, hair extensions got a bad rap – we’re talking about visible ties, tangled hair, and My Little Pony styled faux hair. And don’t get us started on the horror stories of people who suffered severe scalp damage after removal – ouch.

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Nowadays, however, there are so many excellent and realistic types on the market that can help you achieve the look of truly healthy hair – instantly. We caught up with Sarah McKenna from London’s main extension salon, Vixen & Blush, to find out exactly what is on offer …


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Who are the extensions for?

“Anyone looking to improve their hair,” Sarah said. “It can be as subtle as adding a small amount of volume just for thickness and to fill. Or someone looking to have a big change, who might want to add a lot of length and volume.”

Is there anyone who should not get extensions?

“Usually, there is always a suitable method for all hair types. That is why we always recommend a consultation before your appointment to assess your hair and guide you in the right direction. For clients who are suffering from hair loss. hair, we recommend to wait until the hair is stable before getting it “.


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What types of extensions are available?

“There are many types of hair extensions out there and the product has evolved tremendously over the past five years. Permanent extensions traditionally come in the form of a weave that can be glued together (which we don’t Would never advise as it can cause baldness if not taken care of properly) or braided. However, nowadays there are many other options to choose from.

“We offer two types of permanent individual extensions. Micro-rings and micro-bonds that last up to three months. A semi-permanent method using invisible bands that lasts between six to eight weeks. And a temporary method, the completely seamless clip. ins. You have to take them out every night and we recommend that you wear them an average of three to four times a week. ”

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how do you know who extensions to select?

The best extension for your hair can only truly be selected after a consultation, so wherever you go, visit the salon before speaking to a stylist who can guide you on the best and most suitable method for your hair. .

Should you always to wear human hair?

“Human hair will always be the best and last longer. It will also act like your own hair and be much easier to wash, style and maintain,” says Sarah. Another reason to opt for this is that you can use heat styling tools on what you can’t with the man.

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What’s the best way to get extensions if you’re on a budget?

Many companies offer payment plans so that you can pay a portion over several months.


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Do extensions have to be dyed to your hair color?

“I would not recommend dyeing your hair extensions. Instead, the salon should mix the colors of your hair extensions to match your hair. This is the best way to ensure a perfect match of the hair. colors and the best quality of your hair extensions, ”says Sarah.


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Can you have extensions with a balayage?

Yes, many salons can tailor your extensions to create a balayage look.

Do extensions damage the hair?

The good news is that extensions don’t damage your hair if you follow the care instructions and wear them for the length of time. You just have to be rigorous not to keep them too long.

Do extensions make your hair fall out if it is thin?

“No! As long as you have a consultation beforehand and decide on the right method and the right amount for your hair, you shouldn’t have any problems,” reassures Sarah. “We offer a range of methods for this reason and would recommend a smaller amount such as half a head to add less weight.”

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How much do hair extensions cost?

Prices vary depending on the method, amount and length of time you decide to have, but they can usually start between £ 185 and £ 700 at high-end salons.

How to take care of the extensions?

“The top three things I recommend are using a volume or clarifying shampoo,” says Sarah. “Wear the hair in a medium to low ponytail so as not to wear high updos or ponytails as the excessive direction is not safe for your own hair. And always blow dry your hair with your hands at around 80. % before styling them with a brush. ”

Do extensions work on all hair types?

“Different methods work best for different types of hair. For example, if someone has very curly hair, the micro-ring method is great because they sit very flat on the head and heat can be applied very close to. the root. Your stylist should talk to you through what’s best for you. “


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How to remove the extensions?

The method you have will determine how they will be removed, but you should always have them removed by a specialist so as not to damage the roots.

How do you take care of your hair after having had extensions?

“Like before! Nothing will change,” Sarah said. “If you’ve been wearing your extensions for a few months, you may want to trim your ends like you normally would.”

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Is it okay to take the extensions out and put them back straight on or should you give your hair a break?

“If you’re taking care of them, there’s no need to take a break,” Sarah says. “We have clients who have been coming to us for seven years now who have never had a break and they all say how much better their hair looks.”

What are the best products for taking care of hair with extensions?

It is important to stay away from harsh chemicals and opt for products that will nourish and protect your hair, whether natural or synthetic. Use a hydrating mask with a gentle formula at least once a week to keep your hair looking its best. We love the Easilocks product line, which is specially designed to help prevent hair breakage with extensions.


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