Hair extensions are the style secret behind most celebrity bobs


Between Barbiecore style and skunk striped hairit’s clear that the post-lockdown beauty vibe is either go big or go home – hence the increase in super long mermaid hair extensions and a subsequent push perfectly blunt bobs.

The two styles may seem opposite, but for celebrity stylists, the long-then-short-then-long lifestyle is just another day of work…fitting hair extensions. “To go from long hair to short hair and back the next day, celebrities braid their hairand stick weft extensions over the braids, leaving only their natural hairline,” the celebrity hairstylist said. Marc Mena said temporary “false bob”. “It’s not permanent, but it allows them to drastically change their look, and no one can tell the difference.”

It’s true: Chris Appleton, who styled Kim Kardashian’s 2019 bob and regularly styled J.Lo’s hair, confirmed that he ‘hides’ braided hair under extensions in his Masterclass Behind the chair. But this technique only works for a few days, adds Mena, comparing the faux square to the collage. fake eyelashes.

Other celebrities, like Khloe Kardashian and Megan Foxwho like to play with varying lengths for longer periods of time usually opt for clip-ins, tape extensions, keratin bonding and/or hand-tied extensions, Lilybeth Vargashair extension specialist and master colorist at The living roomrecount Charm. She personally recommends clips on an event-by-event basis.

As for why so many celebrities wear hair extensions in the first place? It is possible that their hair is damaged from changing it. “Celebrities are changing their hairstyles to tendencies which are at that time, which can be a lot on natural hair,” RPZL chief stylist Stephanie Angelone recount Charm. “It can cause hair damage, thinning and loss, so adding hair extensions, or ‘hair filler’, will add fullness and help restore their hair to integrity.”

That said, celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Chrissy Teigen, who don’t necessarily come to mind when you think of long hair or lengths, see hair extension artist Priscilla Valles for extra inches too.

“Hair extensions are so standardized now – most people wear putty to fill in the gaps in sparse areas, not just for length,” Vargas continues. “The hairline is a common area that begins to thin and break easily, and this problem can be solved by installing a few adhesive extensions for wholeness,” she says. Finally, if you’ve ever had a bad haircut or unwanted layers, she points out that putty is an instant solution to the problem.

Now women realize their hair is not thin and that celebrities just have hair filler – and they want to follow the trend too. “People are finally realizing that you can dramatically change your look, everyone does it and no one hides it anymore,” Mena said. Charm.

“Eyelash extensions, nail extensionshair extensions it’s all part of our culture now, and thanks to social media platforms like TikTok it’s so easy to learn how to do anything,” he says. That of course includes installing clip-in extensions — the phrase now has over 100 million views on the app.

As is the case with most contemporary trends, hair extensions also have a practical element. “Clients usually ask for a filler when they suffer from damaged hair, and we see a lot of COVID damaged hair,” she says. And since the pandemic has caused a global increase in hair lossfrom both stress and actual illness, the consequent rise in popularity of hair filler only makes sense (and there’s nothing to be ashamed of).

“Now more than a third of women are wearing hair extensions for both volume and length,” says Angelone, adding that 90% of brides are also opting for extra inches. “So many types of extensions have been invented that literally somebody can have the hair of their dreams, whether it’s long thick locks like Rapunzel, an asymmetrical cut or a full bob.

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