Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green apologizes for punching teammate Jordan Poole


Draymond Green expresses regret for his last actions.

Bob Myersgeneral manager of the Golden State Warriorsshared that the four-time NBA champion apologized to his team after he apparently punched his teammate, Jordan Pooleduring training on October 5.

“Look, this is the NBA, pro sports,” Myers said during a press conference October 6. “These things happen. Nobody likes it, we don’t tolerate it, but it happens. Draymond apologized to the team. Jordan was there in the room.”

He added: “As for any suspension, punishment, fine, we’ll handle that internally. It’ll be an internal process.”

Despite the incident, Myers said he hopes the team will move on and work together.

“It’s unfortunate, I’m not going to deny it,” he continued. “It will take some time to get through, but we’re going to get through and move on. And I’m confident we will. It’s not the first thing that happens – the first feeling of adversity. We’ve been I don’t like to go through that, but it’s part of the NBA and it’s part of sports.”

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A day after the conference, video footage of the confrontation was released by TMZ. In the clip, Green is seen approaching Poole, who then pushes him. Green then punches his teammate, knocking him down, before several other team members intervene and break up the fight.

Although neither player has spoken publicly about the incident, the NBA Community expressed his thoughts on the confrontation on social media, including the former NBA star Kendrick Perkins.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

“Besides being a draw, Draymond needs to know what he’s done to Jordan Poole as a man, to the Warriors as a team, and to his own legacy!” he tweeted October 7. “Leadership is not just about empowering teammates, you also have to control yourself! Keep going…”

Guard Charlotte Hornets Isaiah Thomasalso took to Twitter, writing“All I’m saying is you don’t respond with a PUNCH if it’s someone you really rock with!!! Especially after a PUSH. But I’m not in practice and I don’t Didn’t hear what was being said then I’ll leave it alone but DAMN.”

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