Flinger Race Pro clip-on fender/fender review – one of the most reviewed clip-on options


Fenders – or mudguards – seem to be going out of fashion. When I first started cycling it was a rule enforced on the club course that mudguards had to be used. Then the ass saver started making appearances on weekly releases – and even now they’re rare. We seem to have stopped caring about ourselves, our bikes and our wet and muddy riding buddies.

Part of that is because the dedicated “winter bike” is becoming a bit of an endangered breed. Fewer road frames are built with fender eyelets, while the switch to bridgeless seatstays – aided by disc brake-specific frame designs – means that other key mounting point is also lost.

However, fender makers fought back with clips and the Flinger’s Race Pro can be ridden without said eyelets. Plus, they come with a 5-year warranty.

Flinger Race Pro: construction

The box contains a rear guard with attached shrouds, a rear guard extension, adjustable shrouds with a mounting foot, a short bracket and four rubber mounting strips. Only two metal brackets and no heavy bolts mean the fenders are quite light, weighing in at 440g. They don’t make the bike bulky as a result, which some more heavily built fender bolts can do.

Close up of rubber clip for deflector fenders

(Image credit: Tom Epton)

Flinger Race Pro: Setup

I am a mechanical dunce. My ability to install components on my bike is embarrassing to someone who has a job that involves writing about said components. However, I managed to get them on the bike in less than 40 minutes, which means it would probably take someone competent about five minutes.

The installation process is simple; the only sticking point might be loosening the brakes in order to slide the mounting bracket. But if you can’t figure it out, your local bike shop will be able to help.

A photo of the fender box with the instructions on the back

(Image credit: Tom Epton)

Flinger Race Pro: the ride

The three main components of a good mudguard are that it stays in place, that it doesn’t vibrate, and that it keeps you dry. The added bonus of this set of fenders is that they were also easy to install. The downside, and partly my frame to blame, was that the extensions didn’t fit, meaning I left pieces of my wheel unprotected.

That said, I found them quite functional even with only three quarters installed, if you are in this situation you can also cut the guards in order to install them. A bit of mud from the missing front guard headed my way, but the rear guard was functional, keeping me and my riding buddies much drier.

Flinger Race Pro: value and conclusion

The Flinger Race Pro Mudguards are $75.89 / £54.99 which means it’s a premium priced set of clips, but thanks to the ease of fitment I’d say it’s ok. is money well spent! For comparison, Crud’s Roadracer Mk3 guards cost $43.99 / £39.99 and weigh less than the Flinger’s. However, the coverage of the rear guards is not as extensive as that of some of the best bike mudguards, including the Flinger model.

In short, the Flinger Race Pro mudguards will help keep your components, legs and mates dry – but if you have a frame with tighter clearance it may be worth checking if they will fit first. to your local bike shop in case of installation or half cut. shooting them down is a dealbreaker for you.


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