Face those hot summer days with these easy hairstyles


New Delhi: Summer can be pretty hard to enjoy when your bangs stick to your forehead or you feel like you have ten pounds of hair trapping sweat in the back of your neck. Don’t worry, we have come up with some hairstyles that will save you on those hot summer days.

Perfect ponytail

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The perfect summer ponytail is an effortless look that suits all hair types. This is the ultimate hairstyle on a hot summer day or for your second day hair.

Top knot bun

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A quick and easy hairstyle you can do for the summer is a high bun. It’s a super simple look that goes a long way. Just a quick step, a few bobby pins and voila, you have the perfect ballerina bun. Use your natural hair for this effortless look or one of our clip-in bun extensions.


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To tidy up every last stray piece of hair, you can always count on a braid. And really, is there anything more summery than a bikini paired with the perfect braid? No, no there isn’t.

braided ponytail

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The key to this style is to make sure you tie your ponytail first and then start braiding. Your braid will stay tight and exactly where you wanted it all day. You can make this messy by tugging at the front pieces or bangs, or by using a styling cream to smooth it out.

Slicked Back Twisted Low Bun

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To achieve this sleek bun, use a styling cream to pull all your hair back into a low pony at the back of your head. Then, twist your hair clockwise all the way down and style the bun as desired. You can do a classic bun shape, or something more complex like this (which involves a bit of knotting, so it’s a bit easier with long hair).


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