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It’s not hard to see what makes sandwiches so popular. Whether hot or cold, sandwiches are usually quick to prepare and always satisfying. They can prepare a full dinner, a working lunch, or a quick breakfast while you rush to work. (Here is a list of best breakfast sandwich in every state.)

And you can literally stack almost anything you want between two pieces of bread or a bun or a bun, from breaded fish to grilled peanut butter pork with Marshmallow Fluff. Or you can serve your sandwich open – the kind you need a knife and fork to eat.

Everyone has a favorite sandwich or two, but some have become so strongly identified with particular places that they can be considered iconic. Some cities claim one (if you go to San Francisco and don’t taste an Original Joe or Buffalo without tasting a beef on weck, you’re missing out) – but many states do it too, by popular acclaim if not officially.

To compile a list of each state’s most iconic sandwiches, 24/7 Tempo consulted lists in The daily meal, Eater, Zagat, Thrillist, Atlas of taste, Initiatedand Delightas well as many state-specific sites.

Although meat is the main attraction in the majority of them, other types of protein make an appearance. In Washington State, smoked salmon is the preferred choice; in Georgia, it’s chili cheese; and Oregon’s famous vegan burger ditch the meat altogether for a blend of plant-based ingredients.

Despite perennial disagreement over whether burgers and dogs qualify as “sandwiches,” they are included here—in a number of variations—because of their indisputably iconic status in the states in question. (Whether you agree or not, you may want to note the best burger joint in every state.)

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