Construction Begins for $275 Million Raleigh Union Station Bus Facility, Mixed-Use Development ::


– GoTriangle executives and development partners announced on Monday the start of construction of the Raleigh Union Station bus facility, which will be called RUS Bus.

The future 500,000 square foot mixed-use development will be located between West Street and Raleigh Union Station in Raleigh’s downtown warehouse district.

The approximately $275 million project is expected to weave a new bus facility with residential, hospitality and retail spaces in a central hub.

“This will be a truly multi-modal, transit-focused development, and we’re really excited about this project,” said GoTriangle President and CEO Charles Lattuca.

Construction will begin with site preparation. It includes the preservation of part of the existing West Street warehouse facade, which the developers plan to incorporate into the new structure.

Lattuca said the buses will be sleek, comfortable and have WiFi.

Plans call for two high-rise buildings of up to 40 stories, 18,000 square feet of retail space, more than 400 apartments and 200 hotel rooms.

GoTriangle also offered a commuter train to connect parts of the Triangle. Earlier this month, Lattuca said the goal of the GoTriangle commuter rail plan would be to reduce vehicle-kilometres travelled. He estimated that up to 12,000 people a day would use a proposed 43-mile, 15-station system between Durham and Clayton.

Lattuca estimated that more than 750,000 people will settle in the Triangle between 2020 and 2040, citing the Triangle Regional Model. It would bring 700,000 additional vehicles.

The new Warehouse District transportation facility will include off-street transportation space for local and regional buses. It will also include a new pedestrian bridge to connect the to-be-built RUS bus station to Raleigh Union Station, the railroad station. There will also be infrastructure to support a future bus rapid transit station.

“As Wake County’s population grows at a rapid rate, GoTriangle and its partners are working to advance public transit options, promote housing affordability, and spur economic growth,” said the Wake County Commissioner and GoTriangle Board Chairman Sig Hutchinson.

GoTriangle executives tell WRAL News that the existing GoRaleigh station at 214 South Blount St. will continue to operate.

Phase II for Raleigh Union Station

GoTriangle acquired the RUS Bus site – formerly owned by Dillon Supply – in 2005 with the support of a grant from the Federal Transit Administration. The public component of the project, including the off-street transit facility, is funded in part by a $20 million grant from the United States Department of Transportation along with matching funds from the state and County.

“RUS Bus – linked to Union Station in Raleigh – will help us take a giant leap towards our vision of a regional transit system that connects people to opportunity and a choice of travel options,” said said Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin in a press release. “Whenever we can build mixed-use pedestrian communities connected to transit, everyone wins.”

Project partners Hoffman & Associates expect to have a groundbreaking ceremony in the spring of 2023. Workers are expected to complete the new transit facility by mid-2025, with commercial development expected to open in early 2026.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to work alongside GoTriangle and continue to shape the landscape of downtown Raleigh while improving the region’s connectivity,” said John Florian, executive vice president of Hoffman. & Associates for the Southern Regional Office. “The RUS bus will serve as a crucial element in downtown Raleigh’s transportation and connectivity goals, alongside a carefully integrated mixed-use development and community space.

“As Raleigh continues to experience expansive growth, RUS Bus will provide expanded service and value to the community at large.”

Raleigh Union Station opened in July 2018.

GoTriangle executives provided this render of Raleigh's Union Station bus facility which is slated to open by mid-2025.


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