Coachella 2022: Fun, funky and futuristic | fashion trends


A dynamic mix of music, art and fashion, Coachella is an annual event that takes place over two weekends and attracts fans from all over the world. Her fashion, in particular, has risen to prominence over the years, even leaving her mark on the mainstream industry. After two years of the pandemic playing spoilsport, Coachella was back this year at the Empire Polo Club in California (USA), with post-pandemic trends galore. Here are some of the styles spotted at the festival that are likely to dictate the trend chart in the months to come. Continue reading.

Actor Vanessa Hudgens (Instagram)

Y2K butterfly top

Several Y2K trends such as low rise jeans and miniskirts have made a comeback, due to the nostalgia attached to them. Butterfly tops are a trend that is being spotted everywhere – from ramps to social media feeds. Jumping on the trend bandwagon, actress Vanessa Hudgens wore a blue butterfly top with denim shorts and white chunky shoes at Coachella. This summer, you too can adopt this Y2K trend in a fun color, like blue or pink, with denim shorts or a skirt to travel back in time.

American YouTuber James Charles (Instagram)

Dopaminergic style

Dresses, jewelry or make-up, this colorful well-being trend is here to stay! Here, American YouTuber James Charles wears a rainbow-colored bodysuit, eye makeup and nail art. You too can give this trend a try by incorporating bright rainbow shades into your #OOTD.

Fashion influencer Juhi Godambe (Instagram)

Bohemian chic

Reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, this trend is back, but in an elevated avatar. Fashion influencer Juhi Godambe wore a matching sparkly ensemble at Coachella, complete with matching headwear and oxidized jewelry synonymous with bohemian fashion. While opting for a bohemian chic look, keep the outfit chic and opt for offbeat oxidized jewelry.

Businesswoman Natasha Poonawala (Instagram)

out of this world

The futuristic style could take over the streets with modular pieces and reflective clothing gaining prominence after lockdowns. For her Coachella visit, businesswoman Natasha Poonawala wore a white top and holographic tassel miniskirt, layered over a pink jacket and furry shoes. Reflective sunglasses complete her look. To try futuristic fashion, consider non-traditional layering, reflective items and all things silver.


Comfort meets glamor

From sneakers instead of heels to loungewear becoming accessible in its elevated avatar, comfort now comes in a fashionable ensemble. Here, a Coachella attendee can be seen in a pink bra top and matching tulle skirt with white sneakers. For your next girls night out, you can combine comfort and glamor effortlessly by opting for a similar jumpsuit.


Be yourself!

The pandemic has encouraged many to express themselves unapologetically – bold hair colors, neutral clothing, or men opting for traditionally feminine prints or colors. Take for example this festival visitor, wearing bright blue-green hair extensions, a futuristic bra plate, deconstructed hoops and glasses. Add a splash of color to your look with a striking hair color.

Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio (Instagram)

Luminous accessories

Fun accessories in bright shades such as pink, orange and neon are a hit. Here, Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio wears a white cutout jumpsuit with a contrasting neon pink tassel tote bag, making it a statement piece. She also wore a colorful beaded necklace and bracelets, as well as pink sunglasses. If you want a striking accessory, like a statement bag, keep your outfit neutral.


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