Center pieces from the 90s, Botticelli Bobs…


“Potentially inspired by the Botticelli wave, I notice a movement towards the middle lines. An easy element that can be introduced on many different hair lengths and textures, a middle parting can be a great way to change up your look if you don’t normally wear your hair middle.

“Seen on various celebrities, whether the hair is straight, wavy, up or down – a middle parting celebrates precision and attention to detail that automatically makes you look more put together.”

How to do the 90s parting…

“To create a precise middle parting, use a pintail comb to work up from the center of the hairline. You can find this by tracing from the bridge of your nose or between your eyebrows to make sure that you have a perfect and symmetrical position.

“Stand up straight in front of a mirror, with a balanced posture (not slouching or resting your weight on your side) to ensure you get the perfect straight line.

“It’s best to create your middle parting while your hair is freshly washed and still slightly damp. This will allow you to effectively train your hair to sit in this position until it’s time for your next hair wash.

“If one side of your hair is bumpy, comb it down while it’s still damp and tuck it behind your ear, using sectioning pliers to hold the hair down if necessary. If you leave in this position until at least 50% dry, you will have more control over the bumps as you proceed with the rest of your hairstyle.


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