Beautician warns eyelash curlers damage our lashes

Eyelash curlers are a staple in many beauty bags (Photo: Getty/

Whether it’s with mascara or extensions, many of us are looking for thicker, longer lashes.

One of the ways we often try to achieve this is by using eyelash curlers.

The handy beauty tool gives curled, lifted lashes in an instant and is a staple in beauty bags across the country.

However, a TikTok user used the app to warn people about the damage they are causing.

Lash tech @ipsbeauty posted a clip showing patchy lashes that appeared to be cut to different lengths.

“So today, as I was cleaning my client’s eyelashes, I noticed so many natural eyelashes that looked like they had been cut, they looked dull,” she explained.

“Do you know why they look that way?

– It’s because she uses eyelash curlers! We do not recommend that anyone use eyelash curlers on natural lashes. ‘

She continued, “They’re a quick fix for getting lifted lashes, but they’re so damaging and literally cut your natural lashes!”

Those in the comments were both surprised and discouraged by the information.

“Do I already know this and still use one?” Yes, ”wrote one user.

“I’m going to act like I’ve never seen this,” said another.

Some have claimed that such damage only happens if the eyelash curler is cheap and of poor quality.

One follower commented: “I have been using eyelash curlers for years and this only happens if you use a really bad eyelash curler or do it incorrectly.”

As all advice from TikTok should be greeted with some skepticism, we asked Saffron Hughes, MUA of, for a second opinion on the matter.

“Eyelash curlers can remove oils,” Saffron told “They can also warp them or cut them completely if your curlers are in poor condition. This is very common as they can take hits in makeup bags and boxes.

“It’s also very easy to get your natural lashes out when you curl up if you are deviated or if you move your hand suddenly. “

A common trick in the beauty world is to heat curlers before using them with a hair dryer. Saffron urges people to avoid this altogether.

“Heated curlers, in particular, can really damage natural lashes,” she explains.

“They can make them weary if they’re too hot or if your lashes are exposed to the curler for too long. So to do that is a huge no.

Maybe stick with the fakes if you really fancy a lift. Or a really good mascara.

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