An Inside Look: Island Spa + Sauna at Edison


The quest for the perfect day at the spa in North Jersey continues – and this time we visit a spa in Edison, New Jersey that we love. Island Spa + Sauna at Edison is a modernized Korean day spa offering saunas, bathhouses, and spa services to pamper your mind, body, and soul. The spa was designed to be an escape from the stresses of everyday life, and let’s just say we had no trouble leaving our cares behind once inside. Here’s a little more about our recent visit to Island Spa + Sauna, located at 1769 Lincoln Highway in Edison.

What to expect

Island Spa + Sauna is tucked away in an Edison shopping area – but make no mistake, once you step into the spa it’s like stepping into another world. The large space is immaculately clean and not too crowded, allowing for a very zen atmosphere during your visit. Throughout the space you will find the various saunas or “islands” as the spa likes to call them – which are uniquely shaped huts in the main part of the spa.

Why we love the spa

Every square inch of the spa is immaculate, allowing guests to achieve the ultimate level of comfort and relaxation. With must-have Korean body scrubs and amazing massages, there’s something for everyone. The spa even has yoni vapors to promote vaginal health.

island spa

The story behind Island Spa + Sauna

Jackie Lee opened Island Spa + Sauna in 2015 as a revitalizing day spa, with unique dry saunas made from earthy materials like clay, Himalayan salt, charcoal, cedar and stone. Features Island Spa + Sauna traditional korean baths where you can experience the true beauty of Korean spa culture in an inclusive and body-positive environment.

“TO Island Spa + Sauna, we love that we can offer guests the opportunity to leave their stress at the door and immerse themselves in Korean spa culture. We invite everyone to share our identity, which promotes inclusivity, body positivitycatering and a sense of family connection,” staff member Jacklyn shared with Hoboken girl. “It’s a great thing to hear the positive experiences from our customers, where they have been able to create an Island Spa moment that matters to them.”

The tranquil environment inside the Island Spa + Sauna promotes a soothing getaway for all guests to create lasting memories of authentic leisure, whether alone or with loved ones.

“We offer customers an authentic experience of Korean spa culture like no other, where everyone can experience the benefits of self-care through ancient holistic practices. We are committed to providing a culturally authentic experience where our clients can feel aligned with our unique methods of self-care,” explained Jacklyn. “We want customers to feel like they are coming home every time they walk through our doors and to be able to focus on your own relaxation.”

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Island Spa + Sauna services

General admission of $35 (weekdays) or $40 (weekends) includes free spa loungeweara personal locker for shoes and belongings, as well as access to all open amenities – which includes five dry saunas, one ice sauna, four tubs, the steam room, complimentary toiletries + one towel and the access to the bathing area, bedroom, relaxation area and free wifi.

island spa

island spa

bath house

Traditional Korean spas require all clients to be fully nude in gender-separated bathhouses. In order to protect the privacy of all guests, the use of telephone in any form is strictly prohibited inside the bath house. A positive and body-accepting environment is encouraged at Island Spa + Sauna and guests are asked to respect others to create a safe and welcoming space.

Sauna islands

Some of the saunas at Island Spa + Sauna include a bedroom with charcoal elements which stimulates the sweat glands to promote the release of accumulated toxins, increase blood circulation and strengthen the body’s resistance to disease. The hottest piece of them all, Treasure Island, is etched with semi-precious stones and crystals which are known to have great healing and calming powers. The last step after a day at the spa, Ice Island helps lower body temperature, close pores and firm skin.

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Spa Services

There is a soothing treatment for everyone on the list of spa services. Body treatments include body scrubs, a detoxifying mud wrap, a variety of facials, and more. Island Spa + Sauna’s expert massage therapists offer a wide range of massage types, from hot stone massages to foot reflexology. Traditional Ashiatsu massage, where the therapist uses overhead parallel bars to walk barefoot on your back, uses varying weights and pressures to relieve deep muscle tension. Massages are the most popular service where clients can receive individualized treatments using ancient techniques to meet each person’s specific needs.

Yoni Vapor

Yoni Steam is an ancient practice that promotes overall vaginal health through the use of herbal infused steam sessions. Each guest completes an admission form to determine the appropriate steam + herb specialization. The Yoni Steam has a variety of health benefits like hormonal balance, decreased bloating, endometriosis or PCOS reliefimproved circulation, increased libido, toned + lifted vaginal canal for women with prolapse, regulation of the menstrual cycle and general relaxation.

island cafe

To make your spa stay as stress-free as possible, Island Spa + Sauna has an on-site food court with a traditional Korean fusion + sushi menu and a juice bar which provides fresh juices, snacks and light refreshments so you can spend the day enjoying every moment of relaxation. An in-house sushi chef assembles each order so you know the sushi is fresh. Between treatments and fresh food + juice, there’s nothing more relaxing than a day at Island Spa + Sauna.

island spa

island spa

book reservation

Island Spa + Sauna is located at 1769 Lincoln Highway in Edison. You can call 732-253-7379 to make an appointment to book services before your visit or contact [email protected] with questions.


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