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Wendy Williams is still hospitalized after undergoing a psychiatric evaluation, but she is “fighting”, according to her brother.

In a YouTube video, Tommy Williams thanked the talk show host’s fans for supporting her as she battles her mental health.

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“I believe and I trust that Wendy is going to get out of this,” he said. “It’s not an easy fight. It’s a fight people always win. Unfortunately, this November is the anniversary of my mother’s death, and it’s not easy.”

Wendy was reportedly voluntarily admitted to a New York hospital on September 14 for a psychiatric assessment. Around the same time, Wendy’s team announced that their 13th season premiere date would be pushed back from September 20 to October 4. Wendy was “continuing her health assessments” and had tested positive for a groundbreaking case of COVID-19, according to one claim.

Not much else is known about her condition, but her brother deemed hospitalization “necessary”.

“We were affected like other families. You know, it’s not easy [but] you have to dig yourself in, you have to hold on to the memories and we have some good ones, ”she said. “It’s not easy, but it’s necessary. She is fine. Stable. I’ve spoken with her, and we’re holding on. She’s hanging in there. We pray. She fights.”

It’s somewhat interesting that Tommy gives updates on Wendy’s condition, as the two haven’t always had the best relationship. Last year he even accused his sister of not going to their mother’s funeral.

“What’s stopping someone from going to their mother’s funeral? I don’t understand that you don’t greet the one person who was still there and showed their support for you,” Tommy said in the video at the time. “I don’t understand how you can just move on and act like nothing has happened.”

Wendy replied on her show, “You are my brother. Let’s keep it like that. If you want to talk on the internet, then you talk about the things you think you know about yourself. You don’t want to talk about the things I know. for you. Of course. “

Tommy later said their beef was “beyond” them.

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