Airbot Hypersonic MAX Vacuum Performance, Features Review


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Here at Vulcan Post, most if not all of us are pet parents. Collectively we have a handful of dogs, guinea pigs and at least a dozen cats.

It’s widely believed that we share the same problem: the mess our furry friends make from shedding, messy eating, and grooming.

With this in mind, we were curious to see how the Airbot Hypersonics MAX the vacuum cleaner would go against the common clutter and trash that our furkids would do at home.

Unpacking the vacuum cleaner

Out of the box, the Cordless Handheld Vacuum is relatively easy to set up. It comes with a full set of attachments and attachments that snap snugly onto the vacuum head.

Attachments and accessories include floor brush head, dual roller rotary mop with water tank, dust mite cleaning head, 2-in-1 soft brush, flat nozzle, hybrid roller brush, extension tube, stand and charging adapter (not shown)

It’s time to clean up the clutter for our pets

With the 2200mAh Li-ion battery fully loaded, we started with the soft 2-in-1 brush which is great for uneven surfaces, like Sarah’s corrugated truck toy for cat (she admits she hasn’t vacuumed or cleaned this in a while). year).

Pulling the trigger, there was a slight 0.5 second delay before the motor accelerated into automatic mode to clear debris and fur stuck in the crevices of the cardboard.

To suck up the now loose hairballs more effectively, the crevice tool did the trick. We saw the vacuum’s LED display ring turn from red to blue, indicating the dust had been cleared.

This colored indicator light is how the Airbot shows it picks up dust particles of all sizes, with readings ranging from 10 nanometers to 500 nanometers, and more.

The LED screen also displays device battery life, maintenance notifications, suction power and suction speed.

Once the toy truck was cleared, we moved on to the dog bed.

By attaching the mite cleaning head, we vacuumed the fluffy outer layer where the Airbot’s suction power automatically accelerated to a higher speed that goes up to 33,000Pa.

Meet Sitas, owner of the dog bed

This is one of the main characteristics of the Airbot, its automatic suction adjustment. When the vacuum cleaner detects minute amounts of dust, it switches to eco fashionand if there is a lot of dust to clean, it automatically enters turbo mode. You can see when it changes mode by watching the color changes on the screen.

LED ring display shows you how the vacuum changes its speed and suction modes with color switches

Not only did the vacuum perform as expected in picking up hair, dust, crumbs, and maybe even dust mites that are bare to the eye, but we noticed that the carpet surface got fluffier.

For the flat bottom layer, the suction was gentle and didn’t require as much effort. The Airbot’s auto mode probably felt the same way, we heard its suction power reduce in intensity to likely save power.

The vacuum could easily slide on this flatter surface

So that the microparticles are not returned to the air, the vacuum cleaner comes with a E13 HEPA filter which captures 99.97% of particles ranging from 0.3 microns and larger.

It should be noted that the suction performance of the Airbot may be reduced with intensive use. Therefore, the brand recommends replacing the HEPA filter from time to time, which can be purchased through their Shopee page.

Then we moved to the foster kitten’s den. Luna is still a young kitty, she hasn’t learned how to go in her litter box properly yet, so there was a lot of spilled litter around her playpen, not to mention kibble on the floor.

By attaching the floor brush head to the extension tube, we found it effectively picked up stray hairs and other larger objects like litter and kibble.

Luna, our adopted kitten, sitting nicely in her clean enclosure

The hybrid roller brush attachment is ideal for cleaning carpets, as brushes are attached to it.

Using it on our colleague’s guinea pig carpet littered with hay and food, we increased the vacuum’s suction mode to maximum via the LED touchscreen.

Midway through the suction, we noticed the Airbot decreasing the intensity of the suction power, presumably sensing that it didn’t require as much power as we thought.

It’s a lot of mess made by two guinea pigs, Duke and George

Point: It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t rely entirely on the Airbot to clean up larger particles that you’d already be able to pick up and toss with your hands, especially if you don’t want to clog the extension tube.

Duke, Fud’s guinea pig who swallows after cleaning, about to make another mess.

To conclude our cleaning session, we used the rotating mop attachment to wipe up spilled water from pets. With its digital tank that can hold up to 200ml clean waterit distributes the water precisely according to the amount of dust left on the floor, which allows us to clean the area effectively.


Most pets are generally afraid of loud noises from a vacuum cleaner. We were pleased to learn that the Airbot Hypersonics MAX was pretty quiet on its low to medium settings.

Of course noise levels increase when the suction power is set to max, up to 60 or 70dBaccording to the Airbot team.

According to an app we used, the sound goes up to around 75 dB

The Airbot would be a great tool to have in any home or office, whether pets are in the picture or not. Weighing 2.5 lbs, it’s very portable and easy to use, and doesn’t tire my arm even after a whole morning of cleaning.

If you have furkids like us, or care about a clean, dust-free home, the Airbot Hypersonics MAX (priced at RM1,199) is an economical alternative to the usual Dyson product range.

Point: On Discount (AKA Shopee’s Next 9.9 Sale), the Airbot Hypersonics MAX costs RM999.

The device warranty will automatically be activated when the product is shipped. If there are faulty components, they can be replaced with new parts, after inspections carried out by the team.

  • Learn more about Airbot Hypersonics MAX here.
  • Discover their official store on Shopee here.

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