‘95% of his acting was CGI’: Dwayne Johnson once threw a sick burn at a Hollywood millionaire actress after two tequila Pegs


Dwayne Johnson is one of the most hilarious and heartwarming personalities. He is known for his comic and action roles. Well-versed action movie actor Dwayne Johnson is also fun to watch in comedy roles.


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Being one of the highest-paid actors in the world doesn’t stop Johnson from being a down-to-earth personality. Johnson has often been involved in several funny segments and interviews, where he roasts his friends or gets roasted by them.


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An old video posted by The Rock himself has found its way onto the internet. The video is an excerpt from an interview with The Rock and Emily Blunt during promotions for their movie, “Jungle Cruise”.

The interview is extremely hilarious, where the two stars are down two pegs of tequila. After 12 hours of nonstop promotion, the stars sat down with tequila glasses during the interview. When they started talking about the characters in the movie and the movie itself. The Rock even compared the character of Emily Blunt to that of Indiana Jones. He said, “Dr. Lily Howden, who looks like the Indiana Jones woman.

The duo then continued the interview. Blunt said:As much as we could we did it physically and the boat you see behind us (signal to a propeller) that’s it. It was there when we worked on that boat every day. You know, I think if it’s all CGI, you can tell sometimes. It was very tactile, wasn’t it?


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The Rock then replied: “It was. It was tactile, it was warm, and I’d say probably 95% of Emily’s acting was CGI. The duo then burst out laughing and continued their jokes. Johnson and Blunt are one of the hilarious duos and give stiff competition to another combo from Dwayne Johnson to Johnson and Kevin Hart.

What does Dwayne Johnson’s full body workout look like?

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is known for his impressive physique. He has one of the best bodies in Hollywood of the modern era. Apart from their impressive physique, he also possesses immense charisma. Maintaining a figure like The Rock requires stern dedication and willpower.


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The Rock works very hard, and his usual full body workout looks something like this. For leg day, he typically runs 30-50 minutes on the treadmill, then follows it up with a dumbbell walking lunge, leg press and extensions, squats, Romanian deadlifts, leg curls, and a thigh abductor.

Likewise for the chest, it starts with a 30-50 minute run. Followed by dumbbell bench press, dumbbell incline press, flat cable flies, incline hammer curls, and dips. For arms and abs, he engages in bicep curls, hammer curls, triceps push-ups, overhead triceps, rope crunches, Russian twists, and hanging leg raises. .


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Johnson is extremely strict with his diet and exercise and has therefore maintained a figure like that.

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