90 Day Fiancé fans urge Angela to ask Miona for help


After spotting several on-screen and off-screen hair extension failures, 90 day fiance fans think Angela Deem should get professional advice from the franchise Queen clip-on ponytail, Miona Bell. Angela has become an increasingly controversial figure in the franchise, and many viewers believe her behavior on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season 7 was the worst they’ve ever seen of her. From her abusive behavior towards husband Michael Ilesanmi to her blind hypocrisy regarding her own actions, fans have had a lot to call out Angela.


However, an unexpected point of criticism from fans concerns Angela’s hairstyle choices. On the show and in public, Angela recently opted for clip-in extensions, but fans aren’t loving the look. An Instagram fan account, review the realityshared a photo of Angela on a recent trip in New Orleans with a ponytail full of braids. “Call Miona, Angela desperately needs your help ASAP“, we read in the caption of the photo. Fans on a Reddit thread started by u/ femme_fatale2022 were quick to intervene and express their opinions. “Oh, it’s an unfortunate choice on many levels,“one commenter lamented, and another joked, “whenever you see a white woman with hair like that running around and in no way making eye contact.”

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Many 90 Day Fiancé fans harshly criticized Angela

The Reddit thread was full of comments and many fans didn’t do well. Because Angela has such a bad reputation, viewers are eager to dump her online, for everything from her behavior to her looks. . Although many 90 day fiance fans had strong words about Angela’s look, others chose to add more productive comments describing Angela’s hair issues. “Her hair don’t even make sense“, commented a fan. “These braids would start on her scalp when in reality it’s an awful clip.” Others have noted that Angela’s clips aren’t the same shade as her own hair and aren’t blended in to look like a more natural ponytail.

While many commenters in the thread have referenced 90 day fiance season 9 star Miona as a joke, she would actually be the perfect person Angela would turn to for hair advice. Miona is building an empire for herself that currently relies on her clip-in ponytail extensions. The franchise star sells different shades and styles of ponytail clips, and expert hustler Miona seems to derive a considerable income from its products. Miona has also been the target of harsh criticism like Angela, and the two women may find they have more in common than they realize. Both are very active on social media and a collaboration between the two 90 day fiance the stars could increase the number of their subscribers.

While Angela has done nothing to polish her image in terms of demeanor, she could at least up her style game so viewers have less to criticize. Because it is perceived by 90 day fiance fans are a terrible person, many viewers think that means it’s open season to criticize anything they want, including Angela’s appearance. Hitting someone’s appearance is looking for low-hanging fruit, and it’s generally petty and unfair – plus, there are plenty of other offenses to call Angela out for. Maybe Miona is the key to getting Angela to shed the style, so her other toxic traits can take center stage.

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Source: review the reality/Instagram, u/ femme_fatale2022/reddit


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