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London is a truly amazing city to visit, full of theatres, shops, parks and gardens, a royal palace, museums, art galleries and the best bars and restaurants. There is enough to see and do to keep you coming back again and again. But with so much to do and such busy streets, you need a bit of time off every once in a while. What better way to recharge, reset, and prepare for more sightseeing than with a beautiful luxury spa?

London has everything you can think of, and yes, that includes amazing spas. Get away from the busy streets of London and find an oasis of calm and relaxation at one of the city’s hotel spas, or treat yourself to the latest treatments at a luxury day spa.

Leicester Square (Photo credit: IR Stone)

1. Ila Spa at the Londoner Hotel

One of the newest additions to the Leicester Square hotel scene is The Londoner, a luxury boutique hotel. The 16 floors are designed to be intimate, eclectic, and curated, and that extends to their spa, The Retreat. The spa includes a swimming pool, hydro pools, relaxation cabins, gym and beauty salon. Guests can refuel with superfood drinks or return to the room to soak in the bath and have lunch delivered to the door.

Ila Spa has just teamed up with The Londoner Hotel to present its latest body treatments. They include energy boosters, detoxifiers and CBD, targeting digestive imbalance and anxiety issues. Practitioners can incorporate crystals and a custom blend of oils if desired.

Pro tip

The Londoner is located in Leicester Square, not far from the West End. There’s plenty to do in this area, including shopping and seeing a show, so perhaps the spa is never more needed than it is here.

Jiva Spa treatment room.
Jiva Spa treatment room (Photo credit: Jiva Spa)

2. Jiva Spa at the Taj Hotel

A stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace in the heart of the capital is an astonishing collection of six-storey freestanding townhouses. These historic townhouses include two Taj properties: the luxurious 5-star Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences, and St. James’ Court, a Taj Hotel. These beautiful properties are ideal for a city break as they surround a secluded central courtyard, which is a perfect oasis to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But for complete relaxation and to really disconnect during your stay, these two properties host the sumptuous Jiva Spa, the first Jiva Spa in Europe. Visitors can relax, dine and refresh and enjoy the unique fusion of Indian wellness philosophy combined with luxury British innovation.

3. Bokeh Spa at the Montcalm East Hotel

Escape the bustling streets of East London and enjoy a dose of relaxation at Bokeh, a peaceful new underground urban spa that has opened at the Montcalm East Hotel. The spa only opened in November 2021, so it’s an exciting new spa to experience. Bokeh have harnessed the very distinctive shade of East London to create a cool and stylish wellness retreat, which is the perfect antidote to the hectic life of London. Embracing one of the biggest wellness trends of 2022, a selection of spa treatments have been designed in collaboration with UK CBD and wellness brand OTO. Using the highest quality essential oils and botanicals that are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free, OTO’s treatments focus on focus, amplification and balance. Some treatments incorporate bespoke sound therapy and healing bowls for a deeper state of relaxation. It’s one of the largest spas in the capital, and there’s an indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room and gym, where wellness classes will take place later this year.

Pro tip

Montcalm East was designed as a hub to foster creativity with an emphasis on photography. In line with this, the name “Bokeh” is inspired by the photographic term which refers to the blurry and out of focus of a photographic image. Look for references to this as you explore the hotel and spa.

The Connaught in Carlos Place, Mayfair.
The Connaught (Photo credit: William Barton / Shutterstock.com)

4. Spa Aman at Connaught

The Aman Spa is a comprehensive wellness center and sanctuary for hotel guests and non-residents alike, with five treatment rooms including private changing rooms, showers, and a vitality pool. Aman’s spa treatments are carefully tailored to provide guests with personal experiences, so you get a highly focused visit. In December 2021, the spa announced the arrival of a new CBD massage treatment using a pioneering CBD oil blend developed exclusively for Aman by luxury CBD skincare experts, La Rue Verte. The treatment is available in 30 minute, 1 hour, 90 minute or 2 hour sessions and combines lymphatic drainage massage, designed to eliminate toxin build-up, release muscle tension and manage pain. All of this is made with La Rue Verte’s CannabiSPA CBD technology. Incorporating reflexology body mapping, the treatment will target key areas of concern, building on the non-psychotropic properties of CBD.

Pro tip

Although Aman Spa presents the new CBD therapies, there are many alternatives to choose from if you are not comfortable with it.

5. Gray Wolf

Gray Wolfe is a new wellness space in Barnes, West London, offering the highest level of holistic experiences through its pioneering ‘Grey Wolfe Method’. The Gray Wolfe Method uses a combination of energy medicine and traditional earth elements to restore a natural state of well-being. These include wellness touch, smudging therapy, chakra balancing, breathwork, visualization, crystals, numerology, body and foot mapping, and skin reading. This unique approach benefits overall health, including improving gut health, boosting the immune system, improving sleep, and stimulating the skin. It’s a really interesting space that is very visual and bridges the gap between counseling and therapeutic healing, marrying the traditional spa experience with complementary therapies such as mindfulness, energy healing, reiki and reflexology. It really is a treatment experience rather than just a place to relax.

Shangri-La Spa at the Shard
Photo credit: Shangri-La Hotel

6. Shangri La Au Fragment

This is perhaps the most incredible location for a hotel and spa in London: high up in The Shard. Now you can splash around and spend the day admiring London from Shangri La’s famous infinity pool, the tallest hotel pool in Western Europe. Neal’s Yard treatments are the perfect way to speed up relaxation. After a morning at the spa, return to the 65m² Premier Shard Suite and spend the afternoon drinking champagne in the bath. The suite’s binoculars are ideal for admiring the sweeping views of Kent, Surrey and Sussex from the comfort of a bathrobe.

Treatment room at the Hilton.
Alex Macro

7. The Kallima Club Spa, Hilton London Syon Park

The Kallima Club Spa has a luxurious relaxation lounge, nine treatment rooms, a hammam and a couple’s villa. If you like a spa that looks like a boudoir, you’ll love this one. Pink and purple furnishings, carpets, and decor make this spa reminiscent of the Moulin Rouge. The spa offers luxury Elemis facials and a range of massage therapies and techniques such as bamboo, seaweed, prenatal techniques and hot stones. You can also enjoy other types of treatments at the hair, manicure and beauty salon.

Pro tip

Located in beautiful Syon Park in Brentford, this hotel and spa is not in central London, but close to Kew Gardens and in a leafy part of West London. Although still part of London, Brentford is like a small town with lots to explore.

Ushvani Thermal Pool.
Photo credit: Spa Ushvani

8. Ushvani

Ushvani is an incredibly understated spa with just five treatment rooms, including the gorgeous Asmara Suite. This is a real hidden gem located at No 1 Cadogan Gardens, tucked away behind Peter Jones in Sloane Square. Ushvani’s philosophy is based on ancient Asian culture which focuses on both spiritual harmony and natural treatments. The holistic approach is taken to treat mind, body and spirit, going beyond mere superficial treatments. The spa features original Edwardian features, paneling and a sweeping wooden staircase mixed with commissioned Malaysian artwork and hand-painted batik draperies, hibiscus flowers and the aroma of ginger, walnut nutmeg and pandan leaves – a wonderful little spa.

9. Banya No. 1

Banya No.1 is an authentic Russian bathhouse in Chiswick, London. It’s a traditional spa, but with a modern design offering treatments that help reset and rejuvenate. One of the classic treatments is Parenie, a rejuvenating hot treatment performed with birch twigs followed by a contrasting shower and an icy dip in a plunge pool. The contrast between a hot hammam and ice cold water is excellent for the skin, the body and the spirit. It’s a more spiritual spa with its roots in Russian therapies and treatments. The Karelia salon can be privatized and can accommodate up to 6 people to relax in peace between two treatments. The spa also holds women-only Wednesdays and men-only Thursdays for those who feel more comfortable with single-sex use.

Pro tip

There are some interesting guidelines in this spa. Flip flops must be worn at all times and Banya hats are available for purchase once there. On single-sex days, bathing suits are optional, so be aware of this in regards to your comfort level around nudity. On mixed days, a swimsuit is essential.

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